I AM.. Adaptable

mindset motivation Mar 02, 2020

You’re brave and you're beautiful, so do me a favour today and hold your head high!

Don’t let anyone define you. Love yourself, 💗💫take on the world, stand up and be STRONG and you fight like a MOFO for the life you want.

Repeat after ME: I am adaptable. I accept and adjust to any situation.


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Why? Because you’ve got TWO ✌️ options..

Adapt. Or sink. It’s that simple.

The amazing thing about challenges, struggles, defeats or a dark time in your life, is YOU THINK there is a problem. You think things should be different. Your THINKING is off sis.

There is in fact nothing wrong. It’s just a test. It’s a gift. A life lesson you’re gifted that will set you on your way to becoming a better version of yourself.

It’s up to you if you pass the test and learn the life lesson, get better... or keep fumbling around in the darkness blaming others.

You hold your head.

You don’t let anything in your life define the beautiful light in your eyes.

You handle it. You adapt. You get stronger. You learn. You change directions. You rise higher. You conquer it with love, style, class, and grace, and you rise HIGHER than ever before

I want this for you 💗

I want this happiness, health, and personal freedom for you. But YOU gotta want it for YOU too.

Like I tell all my ladies and students all the time... I could want success SO badly for you, but you gotta get up and fight for it. Because ultimate success or failure is up to you.

So what will it be for you today??

Adapting and accepting... and getting to WORK so you can rise higher?


Sinking... and just pretending to be “fine”?

Time to soar 🦅 higher friends. You got this! 😘

Have the most beautiful day.


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