How to Prosper in Difficult Times

Oct 28, 2020
Leaders are readers, and so I challenged myself to read a book a week this past year. 52 books in 2020 and I’m nearly there.
Health is wealth, but you will NEVER be able to attract wealth into your life and KEEP it if you don’t get to the root cause of your own inadequacy or lack.
This morning I sat in meditation and it all came up and I burst out into laughter as I thought of all the things related to money and me losing it.
You eventually look back and can see so clearly when you’ve come out of the dark side.

*At age 24 my home was broken into on the night of our stag and doe, and all of my possessions along with cash we worked so hard to save was gone.

*My marriage ended, and I walked away from a home with nothing but 2 orange garbage bags, moved back in with my parents and went on government assistance.
*All child support payments stopped, and there was no life insurance policy.
*I was taken to court by someone who had free legal aid, when I paid out of pocket, only for them to not show up the last day of court.
*I bought a new home, started over, but hired a crooked lawyer who took my money and ran.
*I was fired from a job with no EI
*I started a business and it crumbled in half as I was so busy sacrificing my health for wealth being too busy, too stressed chasing titles and money, and I walked away and spent 2 years restoring my strength and health again.
*I hired someone for nothing and lost $6000
*Got slammed with more expenses, my car was broken into, over $20K in reassessed tax bills…
And here I am.. one of the biggest failures of all, laughing all the way to the bank, waking up ALIVE, joyful, blessed, energized, purposeful, and passionate and so thankful to be still here.
Still standing.
Solid as a rock, with a solid foundation of purpose and love to stand on.
It’s freaking hilarious when you look at how much pain you’ve caused yourself by just your THINKING alone, and the garbage you attract into your life by your low self worth and negative mindset.
Eventually one needs to ask themselves if they are in fact part of the problem and the CAUSE, but speaking from A LOT of personal experience usually it takes one final wake up call, for them to see they are the COMMON denominator.
Then they decide.
Are you going to be part of the SOLUTION so that you can stop striving for MORE more more, to oddly never have “enough”, or are you going to do the hard work within to heal that wound of lack that keeps compounding the suffering and that is keeping you even more broke, sick and tired.
I guarantee you’re not after more money, because if that’s all you’re after you will never have enough.
You’re probably after peace of mind, happiness, health, love and fulfillment and that is an INNER treasure.
Do some heart work today and shed some light onto your own lack, inadequacies, negative thinking and darkness, I bet you my entire life savings that yup....
It was all your fault.... and yes.
You are in fact the problem, the contaminating source, but you’re also the solution too. Be sure to sign up for my monthly coaching program so you can learn the tools necessary for you to truly live that extraordinary life.
Your Life Coach
PS. Wherever you are, also do trust and know that it’s ALL unfolding perfectly for your highest self, but you’ll never reach the next level of extraordinary if you keep flunking life class, and don’t pass the test, and change your ways.

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