How to Lose the Last 10 Pounds!

mindset motivation self love weight loss Dec 05, 2019

The mirror isn’t your enemy! Freeing yourself from yourself is the HARDEST work you will ever do.

It’s been a while since I’ve looked in the mirror and picked at every single imperfection on my body.

I can’t remember the last time I stepped on the scale, counted a single calorie, obsessively balanced macros, counted calories burned or steps walked...or put food on scale to weigh it out. It’s been a while since I’ve attacked myself with shame, guilt, and regret after eating my favourite cheesecake or cookie.

It’s been a while since I compared myself or judged another woman. It’s been while since I’ve been free of that disordered way of “living”.

It’s been over 2 decades of overcoming my battle with obesity, food addiction, negative self talk.

Oddly enough when I was obese, I’d say things like “God made me this way”.. “It’s in the genes”…. “Obesity runs in the family”…

Um NO sis.

God didn’t make me so I could live a limited life of suffering, addiction, playing small, or setting for less than what I deserve. God didn’t make me so I could live a sad, depressed miserable life, held back by my own negative thinking, and self doubt.

BELIEVING 💫that, and CLAIMING what you TRULY deserve is where the sweat, tears, and hard work comes in.

Hard work of returning back to my place of origin.

You really are your OWN worst enemy, and the last 10 pounds for me wasn’t dialling in my nutrition more, or lifting heavier weights, cutting carbs or fruit or depriving myself.

It was actually simply a surrender to love and acceptance of simply loving the body I’ve shown up in TODAY.

Being FREE from food addiction, emotional eating, disordered eating, the constant need to strive, and feeling NOT GOOD ENOUGH. Freedom.

That’s all I was every really after.

Happiness, Health and Wholeness. The body just naturally catches up.

The truth is, I’m still transforming 🦋myself into my best self. There’s always room to grow, and I don’t just want to be “good”. I want to feel freaking amazing. I still fail. I still doubt. I still have darkness. I still have fear. But I keep going.

Your greatest enemy?

Self Doubt. Fear. Insecurity. Worry. Stress. Anxiety. Living in the Past. Comparison. Envy. Guilt. Shame. Regret. Jealousy. Over consumption. Excuses. Limited thinking. Self Sabotage.

So here’s your challenge for today:

I want you to be FREE too.

I want you to be full of yourself.

I want you to love yourself.

I want you to speak your voice, your TRUTH even when it’s hard.

I want you to trust yourself

I want you to show up as YOURSELF. Swear words.. (Half Scottish 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿here. It’s in the genes 😉)

I want you to speak up for yourself every day

I want you to stop doubting yourself.

I want you to move your body every day.

I want you to give yourself some fucking credit

I want you to know it’s going to be hard.

I want you to stop abusing yourself with crap food.

I want you to be smart with your money and invest into yourself

I want you to tell that inner mean voice to shut the hell up

I want you to jump all in and stand in YOUR power

I want you to stop questioning yourself

I want you to go your own way

I want you to know that you don’t get what you want.. You get what you BELIEVE💫

I believe you were created for big, beautiful things. I believe you’ve got gifts, talents, dreams instead of you, but you’re playing small simply because you are doubting yourself and residing in a space of fear.

I believe it’s also up to YOU to go claim everything you told yourself you couldn’t have.

I believe you can do hard things. You’re just choosing not to.

Have the most beautiful day.



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