How To Handle Haters

mindset motivation Oct 22, 2020

Years ago I had a hater named Janice... who assumed all I did all day long was pawn my kids off and go shopping while I worked from home.

Years ago I also had a good friend name Kate who blocked and unfriended me when my business was successful and hers wasn’t.


Years ago I had a good friend laugh at me when I told her I was going to retire my husband.


But here’s the thing about haters.


You’re only shining light onto their darkness and most often it’s rooted in their own insecurity. It’s not even about you.  




What the heck do you do all day?


An EMPTY day… As a business owner… or a BIG DREAMER


What do you do all day, and how do you do it all with kids?


Or how DID you do it?


Well first off, you gotta be deeply connected with a HEART and a mission for that will keep going going when the haters come


Second, if you want a better life, you don’t quit, and you keep going despite the critics.


Here’s a breakdown of my day as my own boss to give you an idea of what dreams are made off.

First off you need to figure out what success means to you, and how do you want to FEEL.


For me, I want to be a great momma. I want to feed my kids breakfast. I want to take them to school. I want to pick them up. I want them to have healthy meals and a happy momma.  


I want to make a huge difference in the lives of millions, and help people truly live.


I used to be motivate by achievements.  Titles, Money, A fancy title, and an office.


Now I’m motivated by impact, life, and purpose.


💫4:00am - Wake up.  (By choice)


💫4:00-5:00am - Meditation/Time with God/Journalling/Visualization Practice/Breakfast/Writing for a new book 


💫5:00am - Workout - I move for about 20 - 30 minutes.


💫5:45am - Filmed a meditation video for a new online course


💫6:00am - Live on Facebook on Instagram to give free content/motivational video


💫6:30am - IG Post/ Facebook Post


💫7:30 am - Upstairs to be a momma


💫8:30am - Drop kids off.


💫9:00am - Came home, updated an online course, email marketing, website design


💫10:00am - Return Messages/Email


💫10:30am - Lifestyle Freedom - Book Edits at My Moms house


💗11:00am - Lifestyle Freedom - Visit with my mom, grocery shopping, banking, spending time with my mom.


💫2:00pm - Virtual Event/Personal Development


💫 2:50pm - Walk to pick up the kids with my husband.


Kids home, Dinner, Baths, Bed....


I don’t know... 


I just design my days how I want.  That's the point right? Living life on your own terms?  Doing what you love to do?  


This actually doesn’t feel like “work” to me. I just really love sharing my transformation secrets with the world and that’s what I do.


Trust me. 


When you love what you do.  It doesn’t feel like work, so forget all them haters sitting behind phone screens and make good use of your time because if you do, you’ll have way more of it.


Oh... and get a coach, a mentor, and someone who can teach you High Performance Habits in your life.


I’ve invested heavily into getting the help from people who can teach me faster.


Hi my Name is Lindsay, and that’s what I do...




Because I was once a Janice, and a Kate too..


Hating everyone out there who was doing better than me...


Then I decided because that was NO way to live, I got to work fixing myself first, then spend the best of my days helping women so they NEVER have to feel that unhealthy ever again.


Trust me.


That’s no way to “live”.


Be sure to get the help you really need. I care about you, and I want you living your BEST life.  You in?

Let's make this your year!

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