How to be Happy and Change Your Life

anxiety and depression healthy lifestyle change mommy makeover ptsd transformation Oct 23, 2021
Authentic happiness, health, freedom, and a life of purpose is possible!
But these days with everyone’s busy lives, increased responsibility and the demands of caring for their families, not too many people are authentically happy, healthy, whole, or living the life they dream of when they were little.
Despite working really hard, and saying they are good, deep within they feel overwhelmed, stressed, lacking confidence, exhausted, constantly rushed for time, and miserable.
90% of people these days are simply not enjoying life anymore, and actually say they are in jobs they don't even love.
Their days are mundane, boring, and their health, relationships, and family life is suffering greatly.
You can feel their lacking energy when they are around you, and you can even see it on their faces too.
Years ago I found myself on the back porch of my home I was about to lose smoking a cigarette.
My marriage was ending and with tears streaming down my face, all I wanted was to be happy, and to find the woman I had lost.
That was when the beginning of my journey began. At the time I didn't realize it would be so painful.
Be careful what you wish for, because it's going to be HARD WORK let me tell you...
Perhaps a living nightmare/hell would be the best description.
Despite my best efforts of trying hard, and doing more I eventually hit rock bottom and in that attempt to do good for myself, my family, and others, I actually wasn’t happy, healthy, whole or free.
I was worse off than I started!
I was broken, miserable, and at the lowest point of my life and I needed a wake up call and most terrifying health scare of all.
It was like I needed that trauma to snap me back to reality.
When my mind went, I couldn't gain control over my thoughts. I was having regular panic attacks, I couldn't be left alone, and I was suffering from PTSD and the most scariest of thoughts one could ever imagine.
Despite drugs and therapy, the only thing that saved my life was meditation. ✨
Along with my morning routine, proper nutrition, fitness, ample sleep, rest, and a lot of recovery.
But here's the thing...
During that time, because I wasn’t living my best life, I made everyone else’s life miserable around me too, and it took years of healing for me to finally breakthrough and put the broken pieces of my life back together again.
In order for one to be authentically happy, healthy, whole and free, they need to build their life up the right way, on a solid foundation that won’t ever crack, or break, even when life is throwing them curve balls.
Challenges, roadblocks, busy schedules, stress, heartache, and failures will aways continue to happen as we go through life, but you need to know how to handle them so you don't ever fall apart.
✨ That’s why I want to invite you to join my 21 Day Return to Love Meditation Challenge
So many people want and deserve MORE for their lives, but when it comes down to it, they just don’t know how to get there, and that’s exactly what I am going to teach you.
So many people wait for things to slow down, or they think that by doing more that will help.
They never get started, never accomplish anything, or never get healthy or breakthrough to the next level.
They are amazing, kind people, who always do the right things, but then keep getting taken advantage of by others or they keep attracting the same kinds of low level people, events or situations to them and don't know why.
They work so hard at their jobs, but sit there overworked, underpaid, and yet miserable on the inside, and bring that negative energy home to their families.
They so badly crave more time, and more freedom, but just don’t know what their real purpose in life is, and lack clarity.
They say they have no time to take care of themselves, but then spend hours on social media, and find themselves distracted, jealous, even more depressed and judgemental of others.
They truly want to give their families the best, but they are so consumed with depression, anxiety, guilt, negative thoughts, PTSD, and are just too exhausted and overwhelmed to begin or even get out of bed.
They go to the doctor because something doesn’t feel right, and there is nothing wrong with them. Stress, rush and anxiety is catching up with them, and their body is screaming at them, but instead of listening, they keep pushing themselves to do more.
They go to their doctors and are quickly prescribed medication they don't need, and instead of doing to work to get to the root cause, they just mask to symptom and never get well.
They try to lose weight, and abuse their bodies with quick fixes, and excessive exercise, but nothing works. Every single relationship they have is damaged because they’ve lost connection with themselves and sadly with others.
They just can’t let go of their past, are hurt, broken, negative, and living in hell, and they just don’t know how to move forward or are just too scared to ask for help.
They are constantly striving for more, never at peace, and just running themselves into further debt, and nothing is ever good enough.
They only focus on their body and making money, and have yet to realize that a better body, and more wealth and abundance first starts from within.
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You see, most people do everything in their power to change the outside.
Not many people realize that the real power you need is within, and once you unlock that with meditation and with what I’m going to teach you, the outside always catches up.
Real life transformation at the highest level requires meditation and requires transcendence, and a renewal of the mind!
So if you are ready to find out what you're really made of, join me today!
Your outside world is always reflecting back to you, and true authentic happiness, health and wholeness starts on the inside.
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All that I ask is that when you do the work to change your life, you go back and help change someone else's.
The world desperately needs more people who are waking up feeling fully alive, so please share opportunity with a friend!
See you on the other side.

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