How to be Happy 101

mindset self love Nov 28, 2020
Without VISION you my beautiful friend will be stuck, sliding backwards with no hope in hell until you start to see a better future for yourself, know it can be yours and live into what you’ve been called to.⁣
💫What happens when you’ve only ever received your validation from external situations and others?⁣
💫What happens when your self-worth, your value, your definition of success is given to you by others?⁣
It’s easy to be happy when things are going right, but what happens when they aren’t?⁣
You’re happy when you’re making more money, the phone is ringing and you’re feeling extra important and special.⁣
You’re happy when the bills are paid, there is money left over, and you’re getting the results in life you want.⁣
But what happens to you when all that goes away and you’re left alone in the dark?⁣
You lose the job. The finances crumble. Your friends leave you. You get sick. No one is calling you anymore. ⁣
You suddenly hit a brick wall and you can only wake up and hate yourself and your life?⁣
In dark times most lose their way.⁣
Most feel lost in life, when in fact you’re not lost at all. You’re simply on journey of discovering what you’re TRULY made.⁣
You’ve likely “lived” your entire life getting your praise, value, worth, happiness from external sources like more money, more friends, better job titles, and MORE, more MORE.⁣
Self-love, self-worth, self-respect, self-actualized, self-reliance and transformation at the highest requires you to be 👉👉SELF-Actualized.⁣
Meaning you know your worth, and need NOTHING, no-thing, or no-one outside of yourself to make you happy or to prove your value.
But do you see it?⁣
Do you want it?⁣
Are you doing the work required to get to that wholesome space of inner peace, happiness, health, purpose and fulfilment on this day?⁣
First you must see it, but then you must make the time to get the kind of life that makes you want to jump out of bed each morning and step into that DREAM life you’ve created for you and your family.⁣

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