How I Paid Off Over 1 Million Dollars In Debt

life transformation Mar 11, 2023

 I woke up this morning and simply asked myself this one question...


How can I serve?  


And how can I help people achieve what I have achieved?


You see, while there will be a billion people on the planet who wake up today and ask themselves the question...  How can I make more money, I am here to tell you that will only get you further into debt.


I've been trying to figure out HOW I made it to where I am today.


From an obese, divorced single mom, depressed on government assistance, no child support, fired from a job, to over a million dollars in debt. to being free from it all, I often wondered how I got here, and how I made it out alive.


Truth is, all glory goes to God, for I wouldn't be alive without that small still voice from within that's always guided my steps.


How did I make it?


Well, I listened to myself, invested in myself, and always trusted in something bigger than myself. 


I was also so obedient, dedicated, and very self-disciplined. 


I'm not quite sure if what I'm about to tell you got me into debt.. or got me out of debt.


But I DO know what I am about to tell you kept me in debt, and kept me going around in circles.


Either way, it all was perfect and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 


So HOW did I pay off over 1 million dollars in debt?


Was it selling my clothes at consignment shops?


Was it price matching, going to dollar deals, coupon clipping, liquidation worlds, and collecting points?

Was it posting my stuff on buy-and-sell sites?


Was it investing in real estate and getting a second mortgage?


Was it buying used furniture?

Was it hiring people under the table who didn't pay taxes or provide receipts?


Was it having garage sales?


Was it the DIY projects?


Was it thrift shopping?


Was it dying my own hair, waxing my own lip, and doing my own pedicure?

Was it selling my kids used toys and clothes online?


Was it buying used cars?


Was it making my own Halloween costumes?


Was it stealing and being dishonest?


Was it being dishonest with my taxes?


Was it shopping at the cheapest stores in town and bagging my own groceries?


Was it utilizing government assistance and subsidized daycare?


Was it moving back into my parents basement?


Was it working 3 jobs and starting a side hustle?


Was it putting in 100 hour work weeks?


Was it buying in bulk and meal prepping?


Was it saying no to things when I really wanted to say yes?  


Was it going down to one vehicle and getting rid of anything I no longer needed and used?


I can tell you that I did all of those things, and I can tell you that I hated every single part of it.


But all of those things made the woman I am today and made me well equipped to teach you HOW never to be like the old me.


For the old me was stuck in the past, and didn't know any better.


In order to really change your life, hate is never going to get you anywhere.


Only love, acceptance, grace, trust, believe, hard work, sacrifice, meditation, and patience will.


Only a new mindset will.


And conquering your mind and overcoming your present moment will be the hardest job you will ever have to do because you need to THINK BIGGER than where you are right now.


Sure, you might be one of the millions who are feeling the pinch right now with what's going on in the economy. 


Maybe not, but quite honestly the pinch and the pressure is what makes most people come to life and find out what they are truly made of.


I will also tell you that there will come a time where you must RISE above all of those things you used to do in your past and set a new standard for yourself and your family.


And while you must do what you gotta do to provide for your family...


What you cannot do is just accept that what I just mentioned to you is "normal", "good", "fine" and "okay."


It's not normal.


It's not okay.  


It's broke.


It's poverty.


It's struggling.


It's barely getting by in life.


It's living hell.


It's a choice!


And while there will be some people who choose to blame situations, or play the victim, and say that I don't "understand", I will kindly respond..


Try me sister, for I played the victim once and blamed everyone else and that NEVER worked!


So hear me when I say you CAN do all things, but you'll never be able to do all things focused on the problem.  


You must be the solution, and the solution will always come to you when you're ready and open to receive it.


Got it?






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