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Often times when we are looking for an outside transformation or solution we come to the breaking point of asking for help from a "greater power'...
We’ve lied to ourselves. We keep going around in circles. We are out of options...
Rock bottom is a beautiful place to build a solid life upon.
We are horrified by what we are doing to ourselves with food and become obsessed with diets. Some so terrified to gain weight they went to great lengths to restrict what they ate.
Our weight went down, sometimes to a dangerous level, but we still felt fat.
We lost control, overate again, put the weight back on, and often gain more.
We’ve spent money on weight loss schemes, quick fixes, appetite suppressants, the latest trend, we join clubs, gyms, groups, contemplated surgery, have gotten drastic bypass surgery that alters the way you eat for life.... and we’ve gone to the doctor for some magical cure to our misery.
We’ve tired fasting, we’ve tried eliminating food groups, we’ve starved our bodies of nutrients, damaged our digestive systems, and are in a constant state of trying to be free from our own inner misery.
At the end of the day, nothing outside of ourselves can heal us, for if you rely heavily on an external source, you may feel comfort, but when that support is cut off, your new "normal" will be threatened.
If they leave you, say no more, if the gym closes, your world will crumble....
Taking full ownership is the key.
Often times because we are so out of balance, we don’t act in accordance with our highest good. We responded to our children with yelling. We pull alway from love, lash out in anger, judge others harshly, attack, and sit behind phone screens and hate.
Sadly most people find more comfort with food than with people.
We people please, we are unable to stand up for ourselves, we focus on others issues, instead of solving our own.
We keep obsessively busy, then are exhausted at the end of the day blaming others for our mismanagement of time and lack of enjoyment in life.
Typically those not fully healed tend to have an ALL or NOTHING attitude...
If they can’t win, they don’t want to play. If it's not "perfect", they quit. Deep rooted ego will keep them sick to the core.
There will come a time where you need to take a higher path.
A spiritual path. NOT a religious one. Two very different things.
It’s a deep loving presence that’s always been within, that everyone has. It's your one and only job is to get back home to that source of pure unconditional love, connection, health, knowing, energy, joy, purpose....
Often times people pray to God or some Higher Power to remove their problem, but yet they want to still continue on with their own dysfunction.
They don't want to make changes or do the deep work. They just want it gone, and sadly they will be wishing, praying, hoping until the day they die.. until they themselves, go a different route.
You have to change. You have to grow. You have to do the work.
In order for you to go HIGHER, you have to let some things go. Usually that is the old version of yourself.
Our bodies speak to us… but are you listening?
On a deep rooted spiritual level pain in the body can mean many things, and usually is trapped NEGATIVE energy stored within.
Low back pain? It could represent fear of money, lack of financial support, low-self worth, loneliness, guilt, and deep rooted insecurity and neglect as a small child.
Leg pain? Could be fear about moving forward in your life.
Hip pain? Could also mean trapped fear about major life decisions and moving forward to your next horizon.
Body stiffness? That could also be a result of stiff thinking… type A, control freak, over achiever.
Nervous breakdown? Self-centredness and generally being so full of yourself, what you don’t have, what’s not working, how much time you don’t have, and a constant obsession with yourself, your body and exteriors.
Fat/Weight Issues? Often shows up as a need to cover hidden anger, resistance, insecurity, being denied nourishment, anger towards parents, and internal rage you're still holding on to.
Heart Problems? Feeling alone and scared as if you're not good enough, or that you don't do enough. A strain or stress in favour of money or position.
Fatigue? Lack of love for what one does in their life. No sense of fulfilment and joy.
Once you understand this, you can begin to believe that diets don't work. There is no quick fix to real health, transformation and self love.
That is a renewal of the mind, body, and spirit.
There is HOPE for a better future, simply because the power resides inside yourself, and true healing and transformation starts from within and a cleansing on a deeper level...
A soul level...
As of a result of you listening, trusting, doing the hard work, and taking INSPIRED action on a consistent and regular basis, you can begin the healing process having a new faith in yourself, in others and ultimately in the power of love.
Eating like you love yourself. Showing up like you love yourself. Moving like you love yourself. Standing in your own power, and loving others along the way.
At the end of the day, the solution has always been love.
You can either get busy doing the hard work on yourself to love yourself and everyone else around you, or you can continue to be a miserable bitch for the rest of your life and stay stuck at the bottom.
Those are your two options.
Last time I checked, the bottom never felt too good, so get to work on levelling up. This work never ends because at the core, you're an unlimited source of creativity, and energy.
You’re sitting on your kingdom and your own acre or diamonds. All you gotta do is turn inward and shine some light onto every dark piece of your soul and stop looking outside of yourself for happiness.
Rule of thumb.
Every single person I once hated became my greatest teachers in life, and for that I send them love from the bottom of my heart.
You get what you GIVE remember, so if you’re out there giving hate, judging, criticizing, rejecting, condemning, complaining, (even by thought alone), that’s coming right back to you…. And that’s on you to fix…because at the end of the day, that is still dead weight you’re carrying with you on the inside.
Just remember…..Just like a nasty virus can spread, so does hate, mediocrity, low standards, obesity, insecurity low self-worth, fear, and anxiety.
You don’t want that for your children do you?
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This journey of loving yourself never ends.

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