Home Sweet Home

mindset motivation Jul 10, 2020

There comes a time in every grown woman’s life where she walks up the stairs in her home, and asks herself... What do I WANT for my life.⁣

💫What would a perfect day look like?⁣

💫Why am I doing STILL this of it doesn’t make me happy?⁣

💫What’s the point really if I am always so busy, to not even enjoy the little things in life?⁣

💫What must I do to make this life of mine exactly how I want it.⁣

Then that ONE days comes where she turns In toward, says fuck it all, makes up her mind, and then gets busy creating the kind of life we wants.⁣

Not the one she was conditioned to, or believed she had to live to make others happy.⁣

A life all of her own. ⁣

A life she loves to wake up to.⁣

A life that makes sense to her.⁣

A life of meaning and contribution, and that feels good within despite what the critics think you should do.⁣

I’ve walked up the stairs in MY HOME many times. That home of yours isn’t the one you pay a mortgage on... or are sooooo busy working for, to not even sit down to enjoy it.⁣

That HOME is YOU.⁣

That’s freedom.⁣

That’s health.⁣

That’s vitality.⁣

That’s happiness.⁣

That’s joy.⁣

That’s something every woman should wake up to work towards don’t you think?⁣

Ask yourself what is it you really want?⁣

I guarantee a better body, more money, another 4 weeks vacation, or some ugly ass gold pin you’ll never wear after you put your 25 years in, isn’t the answer.⁣

The first step to any REAL transformation is getting real with yourself, then focusing all of your time, energy, resources, and money on building the NEW self, not fighting the old that you know doesn’t work. ⁣

That you know never worked, and that felt good.⁣

Yes it’s going to take time, yes it will take work, but at least while you’re working towards that better life you’ll have that spark within instead of just waking up going through the motions each day.⁣

You’ve got what you need already locked up inside of you, all you gotta do is be courageous and confident enough in yourself to figure it all out., and go for that feeling you want!

I’m cheering for you to win, hoping that one day you’ll make it back home 💗too.

I guess it’s true what they say. HOME really is where the heart is. The hardest part is listening to yourself, then backing it up with inspired action!


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