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self love spirituality Jun 03, 2019

What’s your goal? Mine.. LOVE, health and happiness and those kinds of goals require a daily investment❤️

I’ve grown a lot. Yesterday we went to an all you can eat Indian Buffet and I had the best samosas, butter chicken and naan bread. My fave!! Then we had the best chocolate chip cookies. Years ago I would have used exercise as torture and felt shitty and guilty for enjoying a damn cookie🍪

Monday I hosted a team call for our rising Diamond Coach Leaders, and it’s kinda cool. Success of any kind starts from WITHIN. Getting back to your highest place. Whether that be in your health. Your business. Your relationships… Soon you’ll be able to see the world through a whole new lense.

Soon you’ll be able to show up with love, grace, compassion, understanding, for you know deep within we are all suffering to some extent.

Doing the HARD WORK of looking WITHIN first isn’t pretty. The HEART WORK is UGLY.

It requires you to face your fears, your failures, your uncertainty, your insecurities, your anger, your jealousy, your bitterness HEAD ON..

It requires you to ask yourself some tough questions. It requires PURGING all that is no longer serving you. It requires forgiveness. It requires TIME. It requires deep reflection. Deep compassion. Deep work. It requires DARKNESS. It requires letting go. It requires tears. It requires anger. It requires weakness.

HEALTH requires WORK. Not wishing. Not hoping. Not waiting around for your life to magically get better. It’s hard... and it sucks ass at times! But it’s always so worth the effort.

One of my mentors once said….

You could be Doing all the RIGHT things on the OUTSIDE, but YET, not experiencing SUCCESS. The conclusion is the INSIDE needs to be changed.

Right outward talking with wrong INWARD THINKING will not bring lasting success.

Expressions of care on the outside with a heart of hatred or contempt on the inside will not bring lasting PEACE.

Continual GROWTH 🙏❤️and lasting success are the result of aligning INSIDE and the OUTSIDE of our lives, and getting the INSIDE RIGHT must come FIRST.

Makes total sense right? Imagine the ripple effect this world would have if we all operated from our highest place.

Getting back to our TRUE nature. Our home… Which is LOVE

Think about it. Maybe you don’t need to lose weight. Maybe you just need to release the baggage that’s weighing down. You’ll feel FREE and light as a feather

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