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anxiety and depression body confidence confidence mental health overcoming anxiety spiritual awakening spiritual health Oct 22, 2021
Fearless Friday ✨
The very first time I ever spoke on stage in front of 25,000 people my heart was beating so fast. My palms were sweaty, my whole body was shaking, and I was stuck in my own head.
This also happened the very first time I posted on Facebook about my new business...
My mind was going crazy the very first time I ever went live on social media too. You couldn't tell but I was trembling in my own skin.
It was awful, it was messy, it was terrible, it was imperfect… but I didn’t die.
After everything was said and done, I felt liberated!
I felt empowered, confident and even more ALIVE than ever before.
The same pounding chest, shaking hands and self-doubt was there when I approached my boss who was under paying me and I asked her for a raise.
I got the same feeling the day I snatched my OWN power back.
I spoke my authentic voice and truth for the very first time to a boss who kept dumping more work on me, while my salary was frozen for 2 years.
That day, I was fired.
Someone was sitting in my desk that same day, while I was crying to my husband and worried about how I was going to put food on the table with no option to collect unemployment.
Pounding chest, body trembling, shaking hands, thoughts rolling around in my brain...
BUT... There was always a piece of me that KNEW I was doing the RIGHT thing.
Despite being scared, terrified, and fearful I did what was hard and listened to that small part of myself always leading me higher.
My whole life I’ve always listened and trusted THAT voice.
Doing what is right and what is hard will never fail you.
There was a time where my heart stopped beating so fast, and I felt nothing.
I simply flatlined.
I was comfortable, stuck, depressed, defeated, medicated, miserable, terrified, caged, angry, and resentful.
I was also very jealous, envious, broke, and broken too.
I stopped speaking MY truth.
I started watching and doing what everybody else was doing.
I stopped listening to myself.
I stopped trusting myself, and sadly I stop believing in myself.
I was rejecting myself.
I had shoved my truth so far deep down inside of me, and covered it up and pretended I was "fine"...
Day by day I begin to feel as if I was dying.
I couldn’t even recognize the woman and mother I had become, and in a sense a death did occur.
The old insecure version of me had to vanish, and evaporate, so that I could unlock and discover who I really was.
Anytime you do something scary that is meant to grow you into the person you were meant to be, it’s going to be hard, dark, terrifying and there will be a part of you that dies off.
That part of you is insecurity, rejection, fear, hate, and self-doubt, and is likely also the last 5-10 pounds of dead weight you’re hanging on to.
Your heart is going to feel as if it’s pounding out of your chest.
Your hands are going to be sweaty, and your body is going to be trembling.
Your mind is going to be filled with so much anxiety, self-doubt, stress, worry, and the fear of what other people are going to be thinking of you.
You don’t know what is on the other side.
In that moment you get to CHOOSE.
Do you choose your heart, or do you choose your head and stay at war with yourself (and others) for the rest of your life?
Are you going to level up, and rise to the occasion and stand bold, confident, strong, empowered and certain in your inner conviction and fight for yourself, what’s right for your own life, what your heart truly longs for, and be the leader for those people who truly need YOU most?
Or are you going to be like the rest of the cowards of the world?
Cowards WHO sure like to talk a good talk but when it comes down to taking action they are nowhere to be found besides sitting behind a phone screen secretly hating and judging everyone else who is doing way better in life than them?
Will you choose to associate with the insecure minions of the world, who will choose to stay “comfy”, right where they are because it’s "easier", and never grow into the person they were created to be?
Will you choose to sit down, shut up, and just do as you’re told, and end up like a walking zombie just roaming through life waiting to die?
✨Will you RISE and do what is hard, so your life becomes easier and you can come back to life again?
I’d highly suggest you start being an advocate for your own health, your own life, your own family, and your own future because either fear wins or you will win.
And at the end of the day fear is an illusion of the mind, and it is 💯% choice.
Last time I checked fear, anxiety, depression, obesity, insecurity, panic attacks, sleeping pills, anxiety medication, exhaustion, drugs, brain zaps, weight gain, bowel issues, a capped salary, people pleasing, conformity, more work for the same pay, limited time off and people telling me what to do, what to say, and how to say it wasn’t healthy or fun.
So today I invite you to an opportunity that might not only save your life, but has the potential to literally change EVERYTHING for you and your family!
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That all starts from within that beautiful mind and body of yours!
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See you on the other side, and be sure to forward this to a friend of family member so they can join you too!
P.S. If you’re unsure and still don’t know what to do perhaps instead of asking someone else what you should be doing with your life…
Ask yourself...
When was the last time your heart started beating so fast because you were actually feeling fully alive and truly living your life?
If you are ready to wake up excited and enthusiastic again so that your heart pounds with joy right out of your chest, join me right now.
If you are simply “okay” and “fine” with being comfy and flatlined…
Barely smiling, barely moving, barely breathing, barely getting by in life, barely enjoying your life, please do us both a favour, find a new friend to follow.
I am definitely NOT the right kind of mentor or friend for you.
Because real friends actually want you to win and soar higher in life.
Fake friends will try everything in their power to suck the life from you and steal your joy, and we don't ever allow that to happen, because at the end of the day we've done the hard work to know we deserve better, and we move on to the next level while they unfortunately stay stuck where they are.
Alone in their own darkness, self-quarantined, and isolated (and exactly where they need to be until they wake up from the nightmare they are currently living and truly figure it all out)

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