Hell on Earth

May 12, 2018

Hell on Earth.😢
I chatted on my Instastory about how I had to explain death....and heaven to 2 year old... it wasn’t fun. I even went to bookstores searching for books.

“HOW to explain death of a PARENT to your child”.... FYI.... There’s eff all out there... No manual... or HOW TO book on that one!!

I chatted also about how people don’t see their health as an INVESTMENT but more so an expense that gets pushed to the back burner…

Candles.. Spices.. Thirty One bags.. Leggings... Lipsticks.....Cleaning cloths tend to take priority from what I can see these days … Trust me I was there too…

But isn’t it funny how we think of heaven 🙏💕as this beautiful peaceful place… but yet we as humans tend to ‘live” on earth in complete HELL. (By our OWN doings?? 👹)

Fears about the unknown future. 😰Stress about finances. Poor Health. Living in the Past. Caring about the opinions of others. Not having faith in the GREATER GOOD. Casting judgements. No confidence. ZERO self care. 😰Settling. Staying in jobs they HATE for the sake of “benefits”, and a “pension”....EXISTING.
After the grief period I knew I NEEDED to change. From the day I explained death to my little boy I made a promise.. 🙏A promise to myself. 🙏A promise to a daddy that now resides in HEAVEN….

I would give our son the best life possible, and for THAT to happen.....I knew that I couldn’t spend my days living in HELL 👹on EARTH..

So I got a little bit stronger. I started taking care of myself. I started sharing my message to help others get stronger and healthier too. I started to add MYSELF to the NEVER ending to-do list and made a goal to NEVER SETTLE for “living” on earth trapped in a hell hole...

Nope. Not me. Not us.

Friends….. Don’t go around WASTING your days living hell on earth, only to get to the END for you to realize you NEVER really LIVED at all.

We don’t get a do-over and we don’t get a second chance. If you DO NOT like where you are, dig yourself out of that HELL HOLE and NEVER look back.

You owe that to yourself... You owe that to your family too!!!

Got it?


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