Heaven on Earth

Jul 19, 2020

You’re STUCK on the how... and not the WHY 💗

Aha moment for you today! I got one of the best messages from an online student of mine who enrolled for my Mindset Makeover Master Class and she messaged after taking her first lesson.

In her life she had gone through setbacks in her life... some even of her own doing...but the beautiful thing is that she recognized that it was time to free herself from that, and she’s willing to do that work.

Here is the thing... That’s what anyone ever really wants in life. True happiness, health, and freedom.

So many woman get stuck on the HOW... the logistics, the past, the failures, the “I am too busy” instead of the WHY, and as a result they NEVER reach their maximum potential.

You’ll keep stopping if you don’t have a why that makes you wanna cry. A why so ingrained in your heart you’ll fight for it.

Here’s mine.

These kids... and their kids.

After I went through such tremendous darkness in my own life, I knew I wasn’t put here on this earth for nothing. I knew the darkness and pain couldn’t be for nothing, so I started to look at life differently.

That maybe that it was all happening for a bigger purpose and reason.

I heard a beautiful proverb yesterday ... and it’s now part of my WHY even much more so, and is now written in my closet next to my purpose board.

👉 💗A GOOD man leaves an inheritance to his Children’s Children.

Nah.... a GOOD MAN... and a GOOD WOMAN working together does that these days, and that good man watches over us in heaven, while I'm STILL HERE living heaven on earth!

That good man died at age 35 and at the time left behind a 2 year old little boy, and together we are STILL working together to change people’s lives and get them to wake the hell up, get healthy, and truly live their life!

That other good man today is my husband, and I thank God for him every day. I thank God for all the darkness, and the struggles for its WHY I am now able to help so many people.

Day in, day out, we are backed by mission, intention, deeper meaning, and purpose.

Cause nope....You don’t get a do-over.

When you find the WHY, you will figure anything out, and you won’t need a damn alarm clock to get out of bed.

This is know is true 💗

What’s this world going to look like for your kids. For their kids... and are you going to SHIFT and up root that family tree so their future can be better?🌳

Can’t do it for yourself? Do it for someone else, or heck start looking deeper into that darkness of yours. It’s an unopened gift that’s waiting for you to look at 💝


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