Healthy Self. HEAL-thy Self

Apr 28, 2020

She was covered in tears, and sweat... and despite it, all, went on to have a perfect day.


It’s gotta come UP to get the fuck out of you.

All those negative emotions. All of those hurts, all those fears, all of those disappointments.

Everything that you’ve been holding on to inside of you is taking up precious space. Clinging to every cell in your body. Causing disease. Stealing your energy and health. Robbing you of precious life and the feeling of being fully ALIVE.

The way over it?

The way through it?

Is allowing it to come up, to going through the pain and suffering then transcending that piece of you into love, honour, grace, and appreciation.

How long will it take to heal yourself? To mend a heart? To piece yourself back together again.

However long it takes for you to WAKE the HELL up and honour this life of yours despite having hardships, losses, fears and disappointments.

This work and reverence for LIFE doesn’t start and stop. Ever.

This morning a song came on, and it made me think of one of my greatest teachers in life.

I miss him dearly... and some days I keep going simply because someone can’t.

Nothing... and I mean NOTHING beats a good cry. For yourself. By yourself.

THAT my friends is why you can’t be sooooo busy to take care of yourself.

You MAKE TIME, otherwise you will never find out what you’re really made of.


You’re worth waking up for.

You can keep telling yourself you’re “too busy and all that bullshit”.... buying more crap you don’t need, feeding your emotions, and “pretending to be good”....looking for yet another a quick fix to being TRULY happy, healthy and fulfilled.

But there ain’t one!

Healthy self. HEAL-thy self. That’s going to require your participation remember!

Have the most beautiful day.



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