Happy People Do This!

anxiety and depression happiness overcoming anxiety transformation Apr 12, 2022
Happy people don’t actually wake up happy.
They wake up, wipe the sleep out of their eyes, go pee, get their workout clothes on and become happy.
Happy people don’t hit snooze. They want to, but they know their dreams are so much more important than laziness and how they feel.
Happy people don’t react, and respond to everyone else’s needs. They react and respond to their own needs first.
Happy people are not scattered, frantic, disconnected or stressed. They are calm, cool, collected, and fully present.
Happy people don’t rush, they don’t yell at their kids to hurry up as they speed to jobs they hate, and they don’t show up late. They are intentional about their 24 hours, care deeply about the most important people in their lives, and don’t ever waste time or anyone else’s time for that matter.
Happy people don’t check their email, text messages or scroll social media when they wake up. They check in with their own life first, and leave other peoples agendas until later in the afternoon.
Happy people are not insecure, full of fear, self-doubt, jealousy, envy, nor do they care about what other people think of them. They’ve done the work to overcome that small, weak version, and wake up to be of service to world, and live into the highest expression of themselves.
Happy people are not rude, angry, hurtful, ignorant, condescending, or full of hate. They are kind, caring, compassionate, honest, humble, full of love, and treat everyone with mutual respect.
Happy people don’t say things like “that’s good enough”, or it’s “fine”. Excellence is their standard, and they won’t settle for less.
Happy people are not overweight, out of shape, nor do they abuse drugs, alcohol, or fill their bodies with crap food. Happy people want to look and feel their best, and care deeply about their health and mental well-being.
Happy people don’t wake up and complain about how tired and busy they are. They do something to fix it.
Happy people don’t just wake up, and go through the motions. They knew exactly what that felt like, so they decided to get up and do something to change it.
If you want to be happy, get up and do the work to be happy.
Otherwise stay in bed, and give the day to someone who would gladly get up and do more with their life besides waste it.
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