Happily Ever After

divorce faith love marriage single parenting Nov 14, 2018

As a little girl did you ever read those books where you get to choose the path and pick a different ending? I loved those books.

Today is a pretty big anniversary day. We are approaching 3 years of marriage soon.... but this day is the one year anniversary of the day Dennis officially put in his notice, and we became a full-time family thanks to my coaching/online influencer business.

We’ve been a full time family since we had Elliott 19 months ago 🙏💗

In my story. The first path I chose was also love filled. But as it turned out, it wasn’t the path where I lived happily ever after.

Love. Career. House. Marriage. Baby. Divorce. Single Parenting. Struggle. Loss. Heartache. Hurt. Capped Salary. Limited Vacation time. Stress leaves. Existence really.

I cringe at the fact that I almost NEVER chose this second path. I almost never chose it for fear. For uncertainty. For doubt. For insecurity. For not feeling worthy enough or smart enough.

I almost never started dating Dennis because of his shift work. When he told me. My heart sank a little. I was already a single mom once. I wanted our family together. I didn’t want to feel like a single mom while IN a relationship. But we fell in love, and call it god, the universe, divine timing... he showed online, in my newsfeed at the moment I needed him to.

I almost never started coaching because I was worried about failing and the opinions of others. But again, call it perfect divine timing, an opportunity showed up the moment I needed it to. I got fired the same day I went all in with my business.

Pretty remarkable when your biggest FAILURES turn into your greatest blessings! 🙏💗

Here’s what I KNOW for sure. We can continue on the path of least resistance and be okay with struggle, heartache and unhappiness, or we can trust and believe that something better is out their for us in the one life we are blessed with.

We can always choose to take a new path. A different path. Perhaps a road less travelled. Perhaps a road that’s uncertain or dark not really knowing what’s out there.

We don’t ever know the ending, but there is gold out there. 💫There is freedom. There is happiness. There is love. There is a new beginning. There is a happy ending. There is success.

For me, I’ve always known. I’ve always felt it. I’ve always trusted. I’ve always believed, and when I look to the sky and ask for a sign.

I always get one. 💗

Believe it Friends.


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