Got Big Dreams but Scared to Start?

mindset motivation Sep 18, 2020
Did you know the average age of entrepreneurs today is 40-50?
That takes a shift... a plot twist... a loss of a job.. a pandemic for people to wake the hell up and realize NO ONE is safe.
Companies closing after 20 years of service.. and guess what? Were you really going to wear that gold pin anyways?
Things are NOT going back to normal. If you’ve yet to study recessions, you either do 1 of 2 things.
Wait for things to get better, return back to “normal”, and blame people or things for your lack of growth, or you get the hell up, skill up, pivot, adapt, and DO something to make your life better.
Last time I checked... No one is coming to save you, and it’s a long ways to retirement doing shit you hate.
Best tips💗
Don’t let small minded people stop you, and most importantly don’t let that small minded person be YOURSELF.
Seriously people won’t get you... and they will think you’re nuts, and here’s how it goes.
You tell your close friends and family that you’re excited to do this amazing thing.
Guess what happens?
OH... they won’t get you, and some well meaning people might actually LAUGH at your dreams.
When I told a friend 5 years ago my goal was to bring my husband home from his shift working job, she laughed.
That was the last time I saw her in real life.
Understand people will mock you. People will gossip about you. People won’t get you but you CANNOT be world class, make a difference and blend in.
Got it?
You can’t be have BOTH, so you’re gonna have to level up and do some scary things.
So ya... after a few years, I told my husband if he’s going to be on social media and playing video games best he GET IN THE GAME... and start making good use of his time and his return of his investment.
I think I rubbed off on him because he was in an environment of growth.
This makes me super happy as a wife.. ...sitting on the sidelines screaming.
SLAY... baby SLAY!!
And that’s what you do... trust me, you’ll figure it out if you want it bad enough.
Seriously if you’ve got big dreams on your heart, why are you waiting to make them come true?
Oh wait.
I know. You’re too damn insecure wondering what random strangers on a free phone app will be thinking of you.
Don’t worry, I was her once too, and let me tell you. That’s no way to “live”, and when it comes down to providing for your own family, you’ll ask for help, invest the money and go ALL in!
Go big or go home right?
I hope you too will decide to do something of significance in your life too instead of sitting on the sidelines watching others go for it.
Help and your shortcuts to living your life on purpose and discover your true calling in life is down below 👇

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