GOOD Friday

Apr 02, 2021

It was last year during COVID that my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer.  The first trip to the hospital, the doctor said 2 months to live.


She never actually told me that until nearly 9 months later.


She had reached the point in her journey where she needed oxygen full time and one morning she came downstairs and said to me “Notice anything different?”…


Her oxygen was gone.  


She didn’t need it that day.  She was up.  She was laughing.  She was energized.  She was walking faster.  She said something that stopped me dead in my tracks.


“I crossed over last night”…


This isn’t new, weird, creepy or different to me.  I’ve been hearing  stories of the spirit world since I was a little girl.  


I asked her questions, and she said, that she saw her mom, and her 2 bothers, and had a good talk with them all.  


But she told me, that she is still alive, because she still had something to do, and A PURPOSE here on this earth.


She said her purpose was to help someone else.  She didn’t know WHO or what exactly that was yet….


As I sit here today, I know, and that’s far too mind-blowing to put in a little social media post, so I’m saving that for my next book.


But here is what I want you to know TODAY.


Whether you are of Christian Faith, a Believer, or just celebrate holidays and collect chocolate eggs on Easter and have never read the bible.


SOMEONE sacrificed and died for you, so that you could LIVE free.


And I mean… Live.  

Live a life of purpose, meaning, love, connection, abundance, peace of mind, and joy.


Spirit lives on forever. Spirit is WITHIN you.  You can ALWAYS feel it, and science can’t back that up.  It is a presence always available to you.


While you can’t SEE It, you can FEEL it.  You just know it.  


Spirit lives on in your heart.


It’s your compass in life.  Your certainty is there.  Your trust and belief is there.  Your knowing is there.  Unconditional love is there and it’s absolutely breathtaking.  


Be still and know, for there lies your ticket to freedom.


You see, today is Good Friday. 


NOT, Thank GOD it’s Friday.  


Not... “It’s the “long weekend”.. “I can’t stand my job”…. “So now I’m going to go home and DO NOTHING to fix this mediocre life of existence” just waiting and wishing for the days to be over...


Then of course like most do, post pictures about “how blessed” they are and how much their kids got because the Easter bunny came.


That’s not LIFE.

That’s not blessed.

That’s not living authentically.

That’s not PURPOSE.


Thats PAIN, and suffering.  That’s wasting a perfectly GOOD life of purpose.  


Don’t let that be you.  


Do yourself and you family a favour.  Turn that empty grave you’re currently living in, into a beautiful garden, because that is a choice you make every damn day. 🌹 


When you do that, you will wake up feeling MORE ALIVE than the rest of the world who is just sitting there wishing and hoping for a miracle, not knowing that THEY are the miracle, and by default will just continue to live a sad, depressed, miserable life of existence while still “alive”.


Have a beautiful long weekend. 


PS. People living their life on purpose, don’t wait for weekends. They just show up, and LIVE happily ever after.


PPS. If you’re going to wake up today and waste a BREATH complaining about your one and only life, without out doing anything to make your life better.... please stop.


Maybe you can give that breath to someone else, for I know someone who would gladly swap you spots, and go do something Extraordinary with their life.





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