Getting FIRED. I don't HAVE to work. I WANT to...... There's a BIG difference now.

entrepeneurship mindset Mar 26, 2020

To be ENTIRE career these past 5 years as an Entrepreneur, I feel has led to THIS  moment in time. 


Social distancing… Figuring out how to impact and change the lives of MILLIONS…. Shoes and bra optional.


I’m a homebody, an introvert and 5 years ago today it was the first time I actually LISTENED to that faint whisper within and spoke MY truth.💗


Guess what happens when you speak the truth?


Some times, people don’t like that, and I was fired.  EPIC Failure... or 🤔 hmmm was a redirection on the RIGHT path??


But that was the day, I TRUSTED my own inner compass instead of the opinions of others, and weren’t ALL in on MYSELF.


Truthfully, I was so tired of being handed more work of the same pay. So tired of rushing my kids out the door, yelling at them to hurry up, only to put on fake smile for complete strangers.  So tired of that emptiness inside and waiting until the weekend. 


So tired…. Of going through the motions. I could FEEL it..


SO...  I call BS today!!  I see 👀 you.


If you’re sitting at home right now HAPPY you’re not at work, thinking it’s a vacation 🌴🌞, but going to be SAD when you’ve gotta return to yoir J.O.B….


You are DOING THE WRONG THING sis.....


✅ You’re not tired.  You’re uninspired.


You are going through the motions.. because let’s face it.


I don’t HAVE to work today. I GET TO.




There’s a BIG difference.


⚡️There’s a spark.

⚡️There’s an energy within.

⚡️There’s a purpose.

⚡️There’s a passion.

⚡️There’s LIFE.

⚡️There’s a reason WHY.


Not just existing, but rather waking up to feel FULLY ALIVE each day.


I KNOW there’s someone out there who needs my help and my courses and books. 


How do you win at life? 


BECOMING WHO you were truly meant to become in this ONE life you’re blessed with. 


It’s not about the money. It’s about the FULFILLMENT.  It’s about those big dreams inside of you..


And I GUARANTEE your big dreams as a little girl, were not to just go to work, to pay bills to BARELY scrape by….


Nope. Not you.  Not ever. 


No amount of higher salary, or that job title will make you happy if you’re doing the WRONG THING.  The newness will wear off… just like the last time.  Trust me. It always does.


🤔 “Trying”.. your “own thing”.. But hating behind a phone screen?


🤔 “Now is not a good time, cause you’re sooo busy?”.. How is THAT life working for you?


🤔 “Judging others” who you see them having success, but you feel not good enough?”


🤔 “Being TOLD how to live YOUR freaking life”....


I’ve been there.  It sucks doesn’t it, but guess what? Oh... it will such the LIFE from you.


NO ONE is feeling sorry for you.. except yourself, and it’s time we shift that!! 


Yup. You NEED help, for I’ve got the secrets all outlined in my course on how you can tap into your GREATER PURPOSE in life, and STOP going through the motions. 


The world needs more people FULLY ALIVE…


The world does NOT need you feeling half dead 🧟‍♀️ , staying for the sake of benefits, a pension plan, and trading their time for money at the expense of their Health and their family.


You want the secrets to success? Be sure to get yourself enrolled in my course.  5 days are left to save $1900. 


Success leaves clues. Are you will to pay for the shortcut to succes... or keep doing what you KNOW DEEP DOWN doesn’t work?


Deep down is your truth. Deep down you know you deserve better. Deep down….. 


It’s the TRUTH of who you really are. 


💗⚡️ And because I love you so much; as an extra bonus, you'll get my 21 Day Millionaire Mindset Miracle Morning Lessons ($497 value)... plus my 14 Day Clear the Clutter Challenge ($497 value)... PLUS a special 25% vip discount off ALL my favourite health and beauty products.... 


See you in there.. or heck. Maybe I won’t. No skin off my back either way, but if what you’re currently doing is NOT working for you... or your family . It’s time we change that.


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