Get Exactly What You Want

Apr 13, 2023

One day while on a shopping trip to Target my little girl had a temper tantrum because I wouldn't let her buy a unicorn toy, and some candy at the checkout.


On the way home there were lots of tears, lots of empty threats, anger, yelling, and some words that made me sit and think about my own limiting beliefs.


"You're spoiled."

"You always get what you want and it's never enough."

"You can't always get what you want."


I sat back and reflected on my own childhood, how hard my parents worked to provide, and how awful it felt when I wanted something so badly and the answer was no.


I thought about how in my adult life everything revolved around how much things cost, and the stress of spending too much, and never having enough and how much that took a toll on my health, my happiness, and my relationships.


But what if my earthly parents had it all wrong?

What if I had it all wrong?


In fact,I know I did.


What if you could get everything you wanted and it would be more than enough?

What you could get everything and you weren't spoiled?

And what if that wasn't a bad thing, but rather how it was meant to be.


In the Bible it clearly states to ask and it is given to you, but you must walk by faith.


It does not say ask and the answer is no.


And here's the thing.


Not too many people have a spiritual practice.


Not too many people walk by faith.


Not too many people talk to God, and have the courage to ask their heavenly father to provide.


Not too many people believe they are worthy enough to receive it.


In fact, way too many people are held hostage by generational curses, unhealed trauma, poverty consciousness, negative thinking, and their own limiting beliefs that they aren't even open to the possibility that there's a better way to do life and that you don't have to struggle to get what it is you truly want.



You simply need to trust and believe in something so much bigger than yourself, and love yourself so deeply that nothing can stop you.


"Dear God, Thank you for always providing, and for giving me everything I've ever asked for.  Amen"



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