From Failure to Success

Feb 27, 2021

It's easier to go from failure to success than it is to go from excuses to success.  


Every Thursday like clockwork I’d come home from working in the office, clean the floors, and check out the weekly flyers. That was the most exciting part of my week.


On Friday’s I’d check the job postings around 2pm to see what new opportunities there were for more money and a more important sounding job title.


Saturday’s, I played catch up. Grocery day.


Then Sunday’s around 2pm the dread would sink in.  When I took the stage to speak and teach at a business conference in an arena that held 25,000 people, I was just shy of 12 weeks pregnant and was about to retire my husband after I built and scaled a multiple 6 figure business I started from home.


What if your life could be amazing?


What if you did believe in yourself?


What if you just decided to do something extraordinary with your one life you were blessed with?

What if you wouldn’t fall?


The reality is I did fall, and I fell hard.


I did fail many times, and here is where it happened.


I got so busy chasing money and a better body instead of helping others to chase life.  The worst possible ego combo known to man. Money and your physical form. More, more, more…


It took me many years of going around in circles to finally come to realize that despite having success, praise, being the “so called” best at what I was doing, and having others tell me how amazing and proud they were of me, I just couldn’t see it.


…I just didn’t believe it myself.


I still had a deep-rooted insecurity of lack, not enough, unworthiness, disbelief, that needed to be repaired and that couldn’t be patched with more money, a better title, more awards, more praise or by working harder.


It could only be repaired and transformed with a renewing of my mind and heart space and years of struggling alone in the dark.


Please do not conform to the rest of the world.  You’ll continue to be broke, tired, giving your family the worst of you, burnt out, unhealthy, unfulfilled, busier than ever and all for what?

External validation from people you’d likely never have beside you on your death bed?

When you do the work to discover your own truth, you won’t need to work hard, hustle for your worth at the expense of your most precious gifts. You don’t need another degree, more friends, a better body, a bigger home, more money or more stuff.


You just need more love, and acceptance for the person staring back at you in the mirror.

Do not expect to live an extraordinary life without a whole heart.


Do not expect to make a real difference in the world chasing more money or things outside of yourself.  Invest all of your time and money into changing your own life, making a difference and you’ll somehow find yourself rich beyond belief.


It’s fine to want to change the outside, but if you don’t do the work on the inside first, you’ll just end up like the rest of the world having it all on the outside, but still empty within, and nothing will ever be good enough until you do the work on yourself to know and believe that you are good enough.


Today think about this, then think about whether or not you are going in the wrong direction focused on the things that won’t matter in the end.  It’s time to get refocused.  What can you do today to invest in yourself?  Could you go for a walk, get a manicure, read a book, sign up for a conference, sit in meditation, start that business? 


Whatever if on your heart.  Just start.

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