Fly High

inspiration mindset motivation Jan 28, 2019

“She was afraid of heights, but she was much more afraid of never flying” ~ Atticus

The event I was scheduled to speak at tonight was canceled due to the weather ❄️ , so instead of plugging into my business, I took some time to just BE. To walk. To just be grateful.

I reflected back to how hurt I was when I started my online business. How people judged me. How they assumed. How they gossiped.

Instead of asking. They judged. They assumed. They mocked. They posted status updates about how people who take selfies are full of themselves.

That kind of stuff is so public school to me.

I let them go. I moved forward with acceptance knowing that we were on very different levels of growth.

I moved forward grounded in my belief that what I was doing as an online health and wellness coach mattered. I never had to return back to the corporate world and retired my husband from his job 2 years later.

💗A mom of 4... Cancer survivor, looking to find time for herself.

💗A single mom who claimed bankruptcy. Coming unglued and looking for a way out.

💗 A mom of 2, who thought about ending her life while battling postpartum depression. One day my post popped up. She reached out 🙏

💗 A mom of 5, recovering alcoholic, taking her power back.

I could go on... and on... but you see these are just some of the beautiful women I get to connect with and help on a daily basis.

Helping them to get plugged in with nutrition programs. Helping them with daily motivation to keep going on their wellness journeys. Mentoring some to even build their own 6 figure businesses online.

Love 💗 is light. Hate spreads, and if you allow yourself to be held back for the fear of judgement and opinions of others, you lose. Big time you lose.

Being my own boss has been one of the hardest and most rewarding journeys of my life. I would never change it.

Allow yourself to send love to those who are struggling but are too scared to talk about. Lose yourself in the service of others. Let people hate. Let them judge. You keep going. This is the stuff that matters. Helping others 💗

Judging someone is weak. It's the cheap seats. It’s unkind, and it will come back to you, so don’t be her.

Decide to take flight. The view is so much prettier from up above💗


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