First the HURT. Then the CHANGE

mental health mindset motivation self love May 19, 2019

Last workout and a sauna session before I’m off to California ☀️🌴 . The kids have no clue I hide out in this little hot spot in my basement 😂

Heres the thing about life. No one ever changed their own life and got fit and healthy by just “thinking” about it.

First it’s going to hurt. Then it’s going to change you.

This journey you are on through life is one that never ends. There is no end date to taking care of you and getting healthy.

That’s what’s beautiful 💗about everything in your life when you look at it from a different vantage point.

First… Struggle, change, is going to HURT. But you have a choice.

Allow the hurt to happen. Feel it. Work through it, and allow it to CHANGE you for the better.


💔Allow the hurt to change you in the worst possible way.

Your life journey is unique and it’s filled with so many miracles that you have likely been SO BLIND to see.

Whatever you’re working on, whatever your goals are towards HEALTH and HAPPINESS know this:

💗1. ACCEPT that it’s going to hurt. That it’s going to suck. That you will struggle. That you will be challenged. Accept it. Make peace with the pain. FEEL the pain.

💗2. Don’t hate the struggle. Lean into it. If you’re constantly fighting with yourself and your inner psyche you will always LOSE. Allow it to come through, and feel it.

💗3. Ask yourself some TOUGH QUESTIONS. Where did my thinking go astray. What happened that caused me to spiral. What am I hanging on to.

💗4. Then ask yourself..HOW are those things SERVING you? (Hint: They aren’t)

💗5. Then ask yourself… WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO CHANGE? What do I need to do? Who do I Need help from? What do I need to learn? What sacrifices am I going to have to make? What/Who am I going to have to let go of to MOVE FOWARD.

Your life and health won’t magically change my THINKING about it and not taking ACTION.

Perhaps start THINKING about some better questions and then start THINKING about better ACTION ITEMS that you can do to change your life.

Remember… You can can wish and hope, and think about it all you want, but CHANGE NOTHING, and nothing changes.

Have the most beautiful day!


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