Failure. The stepping stone to success.

entrepeneurship failure mindset moving forward success Nov 15, 2018

I skipped dinner last night and ate half a bag of dill pickle chips alongside a glass of red wine. I could have ate the entire bag... until I looked at the calories for 14 chips and said.... oh shit I’ve eaten about 100 πŸ€£... The math started... 100 divided by 14 x 270 πŸ€ͺLetting it go now.... Letting to go.
One could say that is an epic failure from a health coach. The ladies in my accountability groups will know this is real life here. Chips happen. Our soul needs it sometimes, but what matters is what we do AFTER that failure.

Failure. The stepping stone to success.

I’ve missed out on over $200,000 in quarterly bonuses this year. A goal I set. I failed. A goal I didn’t hit.... yet.

I reflected on this last year. Questions I asked myself:

πŸ‘ŠWhat’s preventing me from growth? 
πŸ‘ŠWhat’s stopping you?
I missed goals I set for myself, my team, and my business. 
I had women quit on their health journeys. I have has coaches quit when they told me they REALLY wanted this.
I had to yank a coach from our team. A weed that had to be pulled and yes, when you yank a weed. Dirt goes flying. That was hard, but it had to be done. A weed that was no longer a good fit for the kind of team I had envisioned. I prayed hard on that one. 
I’ve dragged people along, when their hearts weren’t in it. 
I’ve had to create boundaries that some might not like. I’ve had to stop spending time on those who don’t want to work. 
I’ve had to grow and learn and implement to skills which is sometimes frustrating.

I wanted to finish my book this year. It’s talking longer than I thought.
Want to know what makes me the most annoyed???

It’s all my OWN damn fault.

It was me. It’s always been ME stopping myself from growth and reaching my goals.

I chose to eat chips. I allowed missed goals as an opportunity to doubt myself.

I allowed a negative person to question my integrity, my good intentions and my moral compass.

I’ve compared myself to others and let other people inactions and own choices to negatively impact my life.

I’ve allowed my own fears and insecurities to keep me small.

I have been a people pleaser and I’ve walked around on egg shells.

I’ve mismanaged my time, and chose to ONLY focus on what didn’t work... or what went wrong.

You see friends when we take some time to ask ourselves the tough questions of what actually is preventing us from PROGRESS and GROWTH, we will soon realize one very critical thing.

It’s all our own damn fault.

I AM the problem. I AM also the solution.

So I asked myself another question. πŸ‘‰If I know that I am in fact the ONLY person preventing myself from progress and reaching my goals, then “what am I going to do about that”?? β˜ΊοΈ

I’ve STILL got it in me to go after everything I told myself I couldn’t have. Do you?

There is never a shortage of dreamers out there friends. Just a shortage of people who quit.

Don’t be a quitter ok? That doesn’t look pretty on anyone!

Time to hit up the spa πŸ‘ŠπŸ’—


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