Exposing your own Darkness

mindset motivation self love Jun 10, 2019

Random fun fact 👉👉 Did you know only 10% of the entire population has the ability to touch the tip of the nose with the tongue. Can you?

You see. ♥️There are special unique qualities about yourself you have no clue about for you are too busy feeling not good enough.

Years ago, I remember scrolling her Facebook albums trying to figure out if her hair was really her hair. Sure enough, it was real, but there was something about her that bothered me without knowing her.

Making assumptions about how she must not be so happy, or how she likely neglected her kids. Sure enough, she was happy and she was an amazing mom who was present and loved the crapped out of those kids.

She was in fact healthy, happy, strong, loving, compassionate, graceful, empathetic, generous, caring, respectful.

What was it about HER that made me go within and feel NOT GOOD ENOUGH? 😢

What I realized was the LIGHT I was seeing in others, was a DIRECT REFLECTION of the DARKNESS and FEARS resenting within myself and I needed to take the action steps needed to piece my broken self back together again.

Are you ready for growth and expansion? Are you ready to shake the love awake that is so desperately trying to get out of you??

Are you ready move through the masked pain, so you can reside in a space of love and grace and be FREE, not comparing yourself to another?

Ask yourself:

What is this pain trying to teach me? What are these negative emotions trying to reveal about myself that needs to be worked on?

If you sit long enough with your inner dis-ease, negative emotions, and name it as it comes up and can allow it to be fully seen you begin the process of total health.

Spoiler alert. 🚨 What has been trying to come out for years is LOVE and total acceptance. You’re just masking it with judgment, fear, hate, criticism, anger, addiction.

You’re filling the empty spaces with more... but yet feeling MORE EMPTY inside.

Who are you without the EXTERIORS? Without the title? The hair? The stuff? The rock hard body? The money? The SUV? The more..more... more???

Are you even appreciating what you have??

Will you ever feel GOOD ENOUGH? The answer is yes... but it will take work... and likely years of showing up to work that muscle between your ears.

I can tell you this: You’re different, unique, talented and beautiful in your own unique way. You come from a place of pure love, joy, compassion.

This inner work of total HEALTH takes work. A good hard look in the mirror and a daily reminder of the person you want to become, instead of the caged soul that resides within lashing out in hate, anger, judgment.

Spoiler alert #2 🚨 You are searching for freedom Health, happiness, strength, love, compassion, grace, empathy, respect.

Those things can’t be bought.

Rise up friends. Grow. Expand. Move through the pain. Honour the struggle. Sooner or later when you shine enough light onto your own darkness, a crack will appear, and light will start to emerge.

A weight lifted. An inner knowing that you my beautiful friends are enough, and have always been enough, you just lost yourself somewhere along the way.

Have the most beautiful day.



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