Do you see it??

Jun 22, 2020

11 years separate these two pictures and here is what you don’t SEE.


💫You don’t see the trauma from previous miscarriages.

💫 You don’t see the the changing Anxiety from a head on car accident.

💫You don’t see the hours and hours of marriage counselling.

💫 You don’t see the hate in my heart for those who broke into my home.

💫Hours and hours sitting in free legal aid clinics to get help.

💫Hours and hours in therapy sessions utilizing my free Employee Assistance program.

💫Hours and hours in bank appointments, therapy sessions and sleepless nights.

💫You don’t see the punching of walls.... the addiction.... the millions of tears

💫You don’t see the anger, the rage, the yelling.... the screaming.

💫You don’t see the packing up boxes and starting over.

💫 The feelings of unworthiness when my boss told me I made too much and put my salary on freeze.

💫 You don’t see the lonely days and nights being a single mom.

💫You don’t see the hours and hours of feeling not good enough, and the mental stress and burn out, of wishing I could go back and change things.

💫You don’t see the grief; the loss, the struggle, the shame, the regret.

💫 You don’t see the judgment I felt after I returned back to work after 2 stress leaves

💫You don’t see the many trips to the doctors office to fill prescriptions for depression, anxiety, and sleeping medications.

💫You don’t see the rush, the stress, the anxiety of hurry.

💫You don’t see the PTSD and the thousands of hours invested to heal myself.

💫 You don’t see crying in the bathroom stall at work feeling consumed with mom guilt.

💫 You don’t see the heartache and anger I felt after I was served court papers.

💫 You don’t see the hurt I felt when close friends unfriended me when I started my business.

💫You don’t see the hours upon hours of my life wasted as I compared myself to everyone else’s happy perfect lives.

Or DO you SEE it?

Oh yes... You do see it. You do feel it.

👉You see it in the dead smile.

👉You see it in the dark eyes.

👉You see it in the lack of energy and the none existent spark.

You feel it in your heart, and soul that you’re strong enough to handle it.

In a world full of judgement, hate, tits, abs and asses... A world that chooses separation by only seeing the OUTSIDE, lets get our priorities straight.

My super power is being able to call bullshit when you tell me you’re good and fine.

How do I know?

I was you once too. The outside will catch up when you fix the inside.

That happy ending won’t ever come if you don’t get serious about fixing what is broken on the inside first.

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