Do not SHRINK for anyone. Period

mindset self love spirituality Nov 06, 2019

n 2 months I have the honour of speaking to a room full of amazing Entrepreneurs. The dreamers. The risk takers.

There comes a time where you need to stand up for yourself. The one time I did that, I was fired from my job.

The truth is, I could FEEL it within that I wasn’t where I should be. The hardest part is acting on that FEELING, and not settling simply because you’re scared... or “comfy”

Sometimes people won’t like it when you speak your voice. When you stand in your power and do what you feel is right for your life, instead of doing what you’re told to do.

Take up SPACE. It’s your birth right and do not SHRINK for anyone.

You really have TWO CHOICES:

👉Keep doing what you know isn’t working…. Or Take the LEAP and get busy creating a life you love.

I believe each us have goals, dreams, and we know EXACTLY want we want, but we play small simply because we’ve been conditioned to. We listen to that weak voice within, when there is another voice within that’s LEADING the WAY to freedom.

Be quiet. Do what you’re told. Show up at this time. Wear this to work. Be handed more work for the same pay. God forbid you say Merry Christmas 🎄 when you answer a phone.

That day I told my boss what I was REALLY thinking, I chose being BRAVE, and use the VOICE I was given. I chose F*@k I’m going for it....instead of sit there and be quiet and do what you’re told to do, when you know it’s wrong.

BEST FAILURE of my life. You wanna know why? 👉👉I TOOK MY POWER BACK.

That year I took the leap, I built a 6 figure business from home, and doubled it the next year. Not that money was my main motive.. service was. Love was. FREEDOM was.

You wanna be free? You wanna get your energy and a spark back?

Perhaps you need to start doing what is HARD, so your life can become EASY.

Perhaps you need to stop conforming, and break out of the box you've placed yourself in.

What’s HARD? Believing in your damn self for once in your life.

Still can’t wait to send my old boss a THANK YOU card when I make my first 7 figure annual salary. For the glass ceiling only exists because you choose to stay under it rather than break through it.

So grateful for them though..., as it’s now my mission to EMPOWER WOMEN to believe that SETTLING for less than EVERYTHING is for people who don’t know any better.

Always happy to teach you how.  There's a 7 day Mindset Makeover Down Below😘


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