Debt Free and High on Life

anxiety and depression debt free financial freedom life transformation spiritual awakening spiritual health Apr 21, 2022
It doesn’t seem like a big deal at the time, but then it gets to be too deep and you’re in over your head.
To go from -$500 in the bank, government assistance, no child support, being fired, creditors calling 3 times a day, not being able to make my minimum payments on credit cards, to earning over 7 figures a decade later…. I thought I’d share with you my most valuable life lessons that I learned after I nearly ran myself right into the ground trying to get ahead.
The good news? It’s never too late to start being a responsible human being with your money.
The bad news?
God is self-correcting, so your life is designed to pick your OWN ass up off the ground when you fail miserably.
The life lessons keep getting worse, so until you know better, you can’t do better. Keep reading!
1.  If you’re going to fast, you’re bound to make mistakes and land yourself in some trouble. If you’re too busy to look at your finances EVERY. SINGLE. DAY and know exactly what you are spending your money on, you’re going way too fast.
2.  Working harder won’t guarantee more income. In fact those working harder usually are operating from a space of lack and deficiency motivation. If you’re only showing up to your life to make money, and working as a means to an end, you’ll be on that rat race forever. A change in consciousness is required. Meaning you need to get to the ROOT CAUSE of any money, insecurity, and low self worth issues.
3.  Always take care of your health first. The government or credit card companies will NOT be phoning you to check in on you and your family to see if you can put food on the table. They will be calling you for THEIR money. So make sure you’re solid as a rock first.
4.  Life insurance, a will, and critical illness/medical insurance is a must especially if you are a parent taking care of small children. If a spouse dies, and nothing is in place you will have NOTHING to raise your child on for the next 18 years. Don’t leave a spouse hanging because you failed to take care of your own affairs. Most people insure their smart phones, and sadly a lot of people aren’t smart enough to insure their life. Don’t be one of those idiots.
5.  Prayer, thanksgiving, gratitude, and above all else God. The day will come when you realize that everything was perfect. A Divine plan sent from up above, that built you, tested you and showed you exactly what you were made of.
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