Dead Eyes. Fake Smile. I've got you!

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2020

I’ll swap you my half dead bush here... for those dead eyes of yours and that fake smile you wear on your face.




I don’t want either, but when I was hiring for a landscaper no one actually came to me with LOVE.


All I got was... “My husband can do it”…. Or “I’m looking for some extra money right now, so pick me"....


Nope. Not you. Not ever.


Ain’t happening friend.


I’ll hold off until I can find those people who come into my life full of purpose, spark, passion and a dire love for what they do.


I’m looking for a HIGH level of Excellence and a deep rooted passion. Not just clocking in and clocking out.


Let me tell you, it's rare to find these days!


You see friend, you were built for PURPOSE.


If you’re just waking up to make money, you’re dying just like this bush of mine.

So what will it be for you today?


Have you asked yourself WHY you’re continuing to do stuff you hate, or are you ready to shine some light onto those dark spots of your life as to WHY you’re settling and struggling in life?


Just like this bush, the problem as to WHY it’s not thriving and growing, is the environment that’s not conducive to your growth or highest good.


I didn’t water it.

I didn’t love it.

I didn’t protect it.


I didn’t make time.


So who’s fault is that?


It’s mine. All mine.


NO growth and poor health comes from a root cause, and here’s what I know.


If you don’t get to the ROOT cause, and handle it like a savage warrior in your life, you’ll just keep buying more to replace the problem, and yup, you’ll be BROKE AF.


You haven’t in fact dealt the the problem or underlying cause, you’re just looking for a "quick fix", and some bandaid solution to looking good, or heck.. making a lot of money.


So ya.... I’ll take a dead bush in front of my home right now, knowing that the home I currently live in, the home I walk into is full of nothing but LOVE, health, life, purpose, and passion.


So many people spend their entire life trying to fix or nicely manicure the outside, but the inside is dead and empty.


Don’t let that be you.


Ready to get connected to your true purpose?  Sign up right now for my free training!


You won’t ever regret doing the work. You’ll only regret not doing it.


Have the most beautiful day.

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