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entrepreneurship mindset motivation self love Sep 09, 2019

5 years ago I saw a way out, I took a step forward, and I said.. I’m going to TAKE IT.

Easton was 4 months old when I became a single mom. I was Corporate Mom, GREAT job, commuting 2 hours a day. SCRAPING by. Needing assistance to pay my bills.

I received $555 in child support each month, but 2 years later, that ended when his father passed away from Cancer in a matter of 2 weeks.

There was no life insurance policy. Something we never got around to. It was on me to support our child every day.

Fast forward. I fell in love. Aria came along. We bought a bigger home. We started planning our wedding. I returned back to work. FIRED.

Tossed out with a free parking ticket. No savings. Did they care that I couldn’t afford to buy groceries that week? Nope.

That day I DECIDED enough was enough. I never returned back to the “corporate world” and built a business from home.

In fact my husband left his job too in 2 years when Elliott came along. We’ve been a full time family ever since, working around our children, and what matters most.

Today I pay that gift forward and help busy moms who need to get healthy, and strong. Today I pay that gift forward to teach and mentor women who want MORE TIME too. More freedom. MORE LIFE.

Women who don’t want to spend their life jaded only to find they’ve been letting all the years go by wasted.

So let me be that LIGHT for you if you’re following for inspiration because I hear from SO many women who WANT a better life, but then don’t WORK for a better life.

Let me share something with you that could change the game for you.

The sooner you realize it. The sooner you can take ACTION.

You want more for your life? It’s on YOU sis to make that ONE life better of yours better. NO ONE owes you anything. Stop wishing and waiting.

YOU ARE NOT A VICTIM of your circumstance. You’re CHOOSING to be. You may be knocked down and defeated but if you can LOOK UP you can get up, and sometimes you just need something to FIGHT FOR.

Sometimes you gotta see an opportunity, and take it. You gotta have courage. You gotta believe. You gotta work hard, but if you’re settling. That’s on you.

I ain’t settling for ANYTHING less than EVERYTHING. That’s my motto, and I’ll get up every damn day to fight for the life I know I can have.

Is it easy? Nope.. but was being miserable, exhausted, playing the victim, being angry, unhealthy, BROKE AF any easier?

NOPE. 👇👇

Choose to do the hard things so your life can become easy. Or Choose to be a victim of your circumstances and by default live a hard life.

We all have choices, and you can choose to be a VICTIM or you can choose to be victorious. Both require the same effort, but only one choice will make your tomorrow better.

Now go get it friends. Work harder for your life and your family than you do someone else. Just SEE where your life could be in 5 years time.



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