Trust, Listen, and Honour Yourself

anxiety and depression covid-19 mental health overcoming anxiety Sep 18, 2021
No boss, politician, or government official should be telling you what you should be doing with your health, your time, your body, or your business….
And IF you are sitting there scared, fearful, angry, and allowing it to happen, I’d like to shed some light ✨ Keep reading.
I have always used my platform for good, and I feel as if right now more than ever the world needs leadership, fresh perspective, and a heck of a lot of love.
Perhaps more leadership from people who are not so stiff just reading from teleprompters and “policy and procedures” manuals because at the end of the day, no politician will be calling you to check in on your mental health and checking in to ask if you can pay your bills on time.
Chances are they are just as sick and miserable as the guy next to him.
✨Today I’ll take the stand and speak up for the minority✨
Last time I spoke my truth, I was fired. Last time I didn’t speak my truth, someone died.
Thank GOD I don’t need to worry about that anymore, because I was given a voice, and now I am confident enough to use it whether anyone likes it or not.
Had I not taken my own power back, listened to my internal voice, and spoke my truth, I would have still been sitting there in an office being told what to do and by when.
Funny how that we all end up right where we’re meant to be anyways.
✨This same internal voice was the same one I listened to when it was time to stop smoking cigarettes.
✨It was the same internal compass the said stop drinking so much wine.
✨It was the same knowing that allowed me to lose 80 pounds and overcome my lifelong battle with obesity .
✨It was the same internal compass that told me I didn’t need drugs, sleeping medication, anxiety medication and I needed to make some different decisions in my life.
✨It was the same loving presence that healed my mind after PTSD and trauma and cured me of my panic attacks.
✨It was the same whispers that told I deserved better and to leave a toxic relationship.
that allowed me to lose 80 pounds and overcome my lifelong battle with obesity.
✨It was the same voice that allowed me to take ownership and responsibility over the direction of my future, reclaim my health, and my LIFE after I hit rock bottom.
My truth, has never failed me.
Not once.
It was only when I did NOT listen and trust myself that I got into trouble.
Your truth should never fail you either, and that truth is different for everyone.
However, I guarantee if you are struggling in life, you’re not aligned with your own Divine Goodness and what is TRUE and RIGHT for you.
It’s called FREE WILL, spirit, source, connection, soul, God, a deep knowing that comes from within.
Whatever the hell you want to call it. It’s there, and it’s different for everyone on this planet, but we are all connected.
Others can’t hear your truth, that’s WHY it’s none of your concern what anyone should ever think of you, or what is in the best interest for you.
So while I’m not here to start a debate or what is right or wrong, because those who KNOW…. They know, and they don’t waste their precious life and time hating and fighting battles with those who will never get it because what they know, and what is true for them is NOT open for debate.
I AM here to use my voice empower the minority of the population who are torn with what to do and don’t want to feel “alone”, and are scared to death right now.
You’re never alone, and fear and anxiety will make you sick ✨
This is real, and there are some who simply choose to wait a little longer and not participate in and real time science experiment until further longterm research and testing is done.
That should be a choice, and a personal right.
If you’re about to get fired from your job…. Perhaps this is a HUGE wake up call for you so you can get out is cage. 
You were never “safe”.
No one is when you're giving your personal power to anything or anyone outside of yourself, and maybe this is your last straw that sends you right over the edge to pushing beyond your fear and standing up for yourself for once in your entire life!
Was the salary and pension that great anyways?
Do you really want to be controlled?
Do you really want to be told what to do?
Do you really want to be told what you should be putting into your body and by what date?
Do you really want to be told when to show up and told what you should wear?
Do you really feel comfortable putting your fate and your family’s survival in the hands of some CEO slashing the budget?
Do you really feel happy when someone tells you how to conduct your own business?
If you’re scared and anxious… Breathe, and listen through your fear.
Your gut will aways know what’s RIGHT for you, but that’s also going to require bravery on your part.
You don’t know what’s on the other side of fear until you cross over.
Standing up for yourself and what you feel is right for you at this moment in time is a choice. Your choice.
It’s a birth right..
Most won’t choose themselves.
Most just conform and do what they are told to do without actually thinking for themselves because they are scared and worried about money.
That’s considered “normal” these days.
It’s not normal. It’s tragic. It’s pathetic.
That choice you make for your own life is NOT for others to decide or to judge right now.
The question is are you bold and courageous enough to stand up for YOUR truth right now, or will you cower, and conform to the “teachings of the world” just because someone said so?
Sure, you might lose your job, lose a few friends, collect a few haters on the internet who don’t get you and like to waste their time worrying about you, but then you can sit back and ask yourself…
What’s most important to you right now?
Are you living the dream right now, or just stuck in nightmare?
Maybe this is your wake up call. Maybe it’s not.
Either way, make it known.
I judge no one, and love and support EVERYONE regardless of their personal choices for their health, life, mental well-being and family.
At this point in your adult life, I need to remind you that no one, no-thing and surely no politician should be telling you what is right for you.
The truth should set you free my friend. It’s time to start listening, trusting and believing in yourself.
PS. While this is a very sensitive topic, I will also note that 300,000 people die from OBESITY each year in the US. It’s still the #1 killer, and the #1 cause for bankruptcy.
Perhaps our masks can be used for MORE besides hiding fake smiles, stopping the spread of viruses and keeping our mouths shut when it truly matters, but as a barrier for some lost soul to stop eating so much crap that NEVER… and will never serve their highest good because it’s making them sick and mentally unwell✨

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