Confidence 101 - What you need to know!

confidence mindset motivation Jun 10, 2019

Ready to show up to this Monday Morning with my power of INTENTION.

In the mornings while I’m getting ready I always listen to some sort of Personal Development. A book on audio. A podcast. A training call. 👉 Brain 🧠 Food!

The best advice I was ever given was on CONFIDENCE. Most tie confidence to their identity..: (things they have or have earned)... or others attention or approval... which is a big NO-NO.

Confidence actually comes from being intentional about how you are going to SHOW UP to your own life.

👉YOUR ACTIONS are demonstrating intention or LACK there of. You’re either being intentional or walking around like a zombie 🧟‍♀️ responding and reacting to everything around you.

I’ll be delivering a call tonight about this to our teams 💎 Leaders, and on Wednesday I’ll be going LIVE on my Facebook (Lindsay Martin Fitness), to go over this very subject and how it relates to your HEALTH and HAPPINESS!!

Wanna know the ticket to freedom and feeling good about yourself? Setting an intention. Taking ACTION and being CONSISTENT.

👉Did you say you were going to start working out today and skipped it?

👉Were you going to start saving towards retirement and decided to buy a morning latte instead every day of the week?

👉Did you say you were going to get up early and chose to keep hitting snooze?

👉Did you say you were going to not eat shit and CHOSE, not make a lunch and hit up the drive thru for a big old greasy breakfast sandwich?

👉Did you tell yourself you’d be patient and kind and loving with your kids, and then lost your temper?

👉Did you say you were going to make a pot roast and then ordered pizza instead?

👉Did you say you were finally going to clean out the garage and then scrolled IG for hours and accomplished nothing??

Guys.. When you learn to master THIS.. the simple art of ACTION. Your life changes.

.When you set an intention for your life...and show up, and be consistent... You win... and yes it’s HARD, but it’s worth it!!

Sure you’re going to fail, mess up, and make mistakes but part of CONFIDENCE also comes from your ABILITY to figure things out and to not quit! .

You got this ❤️❤️❤️

Stop letting yourself down, believe in yourself and take it ONE day at a time. Baby steps count but the ONLY person responsible for taking you from where you are... and where you WANT to be is the person in the mirror. 😘

What will your intentions be today??  Choose wisely my beautiful friend!



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