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What about TODAY? ⁣


There is someone out there who feels the walls are closing in around them right NOW.⁣

They are dying on the INSIDE, and silently hoping for miracle and a life preserver. Hoping for SOMEONE or SOMETHING that can help them from drowning in a sea of misery.⁣

🔥 I’ve got some alarming NUMBERS for you....⁣

👉The world is consuming MORE alcohol than any time in history.⁣

👉More than 800,000 commit suicide each year.⁣

👉Heroin, cocaine, and crack addiction is SO high we can’t keep an accurate account on numbers.⁣

👉Over 4000 new cases of MENTAL illness cases per day.⁣

👉 Over 300,000 people die of obesity in the US alone each year.

Oh...... 👉👉and Dr. Martin Luther King and the Montgomery Bus Boycott lasted 381 DAYS.

Not just ONE freaking day.

Are you going go follow the heard today, or are you going to BE DIFFERENT and commit yourself to a cause. ⁣

So you think you post ONCE and think you’ve done something???⁣

Today, I challenge you to BE different.⁣

DO NOT go back to following the heard and go back to DOING NOTHING for change today.⁣

You can blend in, or stand out.⁣

Let me be very clear as I use my platform for good today. ⁣

Please DO NOT think that just because you post ONE black out picture on a Tuesday you’re being part of the SOLUTION.⁣

Being a VOICE of LOVE and for change, should have been on minds hearts and social media feeds long before yesterday.⁣

The biggest question is what are YOU going to CONTINUE to do?⁣

It’s like wanting to be healthy and eating a salad ONE TIME. Lasting change doesn’t work that way.⁣


👉Change requires COMMITMENT.⁣

👉Change requires leadership.⁣

I challenge to UNFOLLOW the heard. For the heard will go back to their old worn out ways of doing nothing, and spend their time complaining.

What will you CONTINUE to do to use your unique voice?⁣

What BOLD ACTION steps will you CONTINUE to make as leader?⁣

What will you learn?⁣

How will you must up the courage to be BRAVE and speak up?⁣

How will you keep showing up when people try to shut you out knowing that you’ve got wisdom to SAVE lives and people to help.⁣

How about you get over yourself? Get over fear and insecurity and DO something bigger than posting once.


Cause that’s what is on my busy agenda for today.

You with me?

The world needs more LEADERS. Not more followers. 🐑 🐑 🐑

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"You get in life what you have the courage to ask for" ~ Oprah Winfrey