entrepreneurship mindset Dec 16, 2019

Years ago I would have dropped my littles off at daycare and had guilt. Scratch that. I would have yelled at them first to hurry up, then dropped them off, drove to work an hour and cried in the bathroom after my boss yelled at me for being 2 minutes late… then waited until 4:30 so I could leave again.

This morning Elliott asked me if I had to go to work today, and I said

Yes honey…. I’ve gotta help people live”

Years ago I would have dropped my littles off and responded to that question with… .

“Yes honey.. I’ve gotta make MONEY”.

What are you getting up for on a Monday? Chasing a bigger purpose and passion or chasing a pay cheque??

That’s the BIG difference. When you’re going to work and you’re chasing the money, you lose. Oh man.. do you lose.

Trading your precious TIME for money. You lose.

When you go to work and chase the purpose. You are excited to embrace the day and have no guilt for you know you’re making a DIFFERENCE.

There is a different vibe. A different feel. A different energy level. A different way to live.. and I hope my kids grow up to chase the PURPOSE instead of the pay cheque.

I don’t care what they do, so long as it feels good in their heart and they aren’t waiting for the weekend, and staying somewhere at the expense of their soul.

So if that’s you MOMMA. If you’re feeling GUILT and saying, you’ve gotta make money, then dragging your butt to get there.

👉I’m going to challenge you. I’m going to be THAT person popping up to tell you….

You’re doing the WRONG thing, and deep within you KNOW it, but you’re lost, or scared.

If that’s YOU MOMMA, and you feel empty within, and it’s taking a toll on your health, finances and family... PLEASE, listen up.

Have the courage to try something new. Keep looking. Be mindful with your time. Learn. Grow. Challenge yourself. Take that risk. Follow your heart. Ask questions. Invest in your future. Go your own way. Leap.

If that’s also YOU Momma….The one who’s going to work to serve others and LOVES it. THANK YOU and I’m cheering for you. No need to feel guilt or shame. The world NEEDS you. Make sure you tell your kids that! Make sure they see and HEAR the difference you make!

You’re helping people to live. You’re helping people to love. You’re caring for our children. You’re being an example. You’re teaching. You’re empowering. You’re making coffees. You’re cleaning. You’re wiping bums and boogies…. Whatever you’re doing, know that YOU do make a difference, and know that world couldn’t go around without you.

Be that person who aims to make a difference. You’ll find yourself RICH beyond belief.

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