Change Your Life by Letting Go!

meditation mindset self love Jan 25, 2021
Right now someone is out there in the world building a case against you.
Why you don’t deserve it, why they don’t like you, what’s wrong with you, and they are failing to see their own actions as the common denominator of their own life sucking.
So who’s side are you on?
Well, I sure hope to God you’re on your own side, for those who truly get it only show up to give love, spread love and be love, because that’s all they’ve got left inside to give.
Are you on the darkside of life building a case against others, are you in the winning side and building a case as to WHY you freaking deserve a happy, healthy and abundant life?
Today’s Challenge: Cut the crap.
It’s a new day today and you have an opportunity to make it anything you want it to be right here. Right now in this present moment.
What if you accepted that where you are right now is exactly where God wanted you to be, and that everything was perfect. Even the really messy parts, but you simply haven’t done to work on yourself on a consistent basis to see its full beauty yet. You gotta give it time, and you must never quit.
If you are living in the past, stuck in your story and rehashing what’s already been done, you’re wasting time and damaging your health. You must learn to let go of some things for that energy needed to SUSTAIN you at this level is the SAME energy
needed to get to you to the next level in your life.
You can’t grow or make progress in life staying stuck or holding on to people and circumstances that were used at one point to grow and teach you.
Yes, Grow and TEACH you how to become the ultimate version of yourself (which by the way is always evolving).
Is the ultimate version of you tired? Is she living in the past, hanging on to past hurts and losing sleep over what’s already been done and she can’t go back and change?
Absolute not.
The ultimate version of you is healthy, strong, energized, excited and full of LIFE on this day.
So what do you do?
1️⃣Write and Speak. Write down and speak out loud all the people, situations, unfair circumstances and life events that are stealing your joy. Honour your feelings. Cry those tears. You have every right to be angry, sad, hurt, disappointment. Honour yourself.
2️⃣What did you learn? Usually when something bad happens or people do something out of alignment or dishonest you take it personal. You take it as a direct attack and you sit and hate yourself or your life even more as you continue to poison your soul. Did you learn honesty or how precious life is? Did you do the right thing and still get burned? Stand FIRM on your life principles and values. You’re a GOOD person, but sometimes bad things happen to good people.
3️⃣Know and Trust. Trust that this was meant to happen as part of your life journey. They were meant to hurt you or act that way, that encounter was meant to happen. You were supposed to go through that heart break and attack on your spirit. Know and trust that something GOOD will come from this. That good is usually attached to your PURPOSE in life. You learned valuable knowledge and wisdom from those experiences. Use them for good!
4️⃣Bless, Release and Forgive. Chances are you’re hanging on to someone or something that’s NEVER going to be part of your future or your vision, so why hang on? Remain true to your honest self, don’t compromise your moral compass to seek revenge, or gossip and if you find yourself fixated on what happened to you give THANKS for the opportunity for you to soar higher in life. Release the tight grip from your life, for you deserve to soar. Send a silent blessing, well wish and release. Forgiveness is a gift you give to yourself and will set you free.
5️⃣Forward. You may find yourself going backwards before moving forward again. Catch any thought or action that’s not serving the person you want to be today and in the future. Notice it, see that self sabotaging behaviour or thought, then change your mind, focusing to the future and new version of yourself.
Where are you going? Who are you becoming? What do you want for your life and your family? What is your mission and purpose? What are you working towards? What will you do today to make that happen?
Your FUTURE self is built in the present moment (NOW), and if you’re expecting a beautiful life but clinging to the past, you’ll never move forward but rather just continue to go around in circles getting no further ahead in life, and continue to rob you and your family of the health and happiness you truly deserve in life.
Not you.
You are here for a purpose, a reason, and if you woke up today that means you
have an opportunity to get better, not stay bitter.
Think about this today, then get to work on yourself.
Do this exercise today. I want to you to become aware of what you’re hanging on to. I want you to write it, speak it, feel it, honour it, trust it, release it, forgive it, and use it for a greater good. It’s you stopping you at this point in your life. Don’t forget that.
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