Busy.. but NOT "good" - When you're full of it!

Mar 19, 2019

Booty day in the books! Crazy 😜 took the wheel yesterday... and I was busy. But NOT “good”.

Do you ever say that to yourself?  "OH.. Busy, but GOOD", knowing full well you're not good, but more so stressed, overwhelmed and a hot mess on the inside? 

If you are feeling overwhelmed with yourself or your fitness journey, or your life....TAKE A STEP BACK.

Most people these days are in “survival mode”. That was me yesterday. From morning... to night.... I was GOING. I was on autopilot. I was responding. Reacting. I was checking things off the LIST...... but I personally wasn’t NOT good.

3 Kids. A Trip. Business. Birthday Parties. Bills to Pay. Laundry to do. Commitments. Responsibilities!!

I fell into bed... EXHAUSTED 😩 . Every time I saw Dennis... I had something to complain about. He was kind... He was nice. He was compassionate and understanding... and here I was TOO BUSY, and a hot mess on the inside.

Nope. Not my life goal. Not a good feeling.

If you’re in survival mode because or circumstances, setbacks, or poor choices and you are just trying to make it DAY to DAY... I feel you.💗🙏

If you are working hard and acknowledging this...and trying to make a change. I applaud you.

I want you to know. You are more than OKAY.


❤️FIRST, realign your thoughts with positivity and make sure your efforts to exercise and eating well are coming from a place of gratitude for your body, NOT negativity or resentment towards it. You eat well and move because this is significant into your health... and this MUST NOT take the back seat.

❤️Ask for help.... if you need it. Delegate. Say no. Communicate your needs.

❤️Take a break! As my momma would say.... I’m a 747 plane....✈️...Eventually you come CRASHING down, so you’ve gotta be mindful of this! THIS mother can’t crash and burn.... so it’s on me to manage my state!

❤️A nap. Call in sick. Go get your nails done. Take a day!! Whatever..... Sometimes we gotta REST so we can run! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, sometimes the best thing we can do is NOTHING.

❤️Stop looking for quick fixes at fast and easy. Prioritize self care. Eat well. Make the healthier choice, exercise 30 minutes a few days a week from home. Take the stairs. Get moving at lunch. Go to bed earlier.

❤️🙌Applaud yourself. You’re trying. You matter. You are busy yes... but busy is not an excuse to self destruct, treat your family like shit, and complain.

Start there, and be proud of yourself. You’re trying... and that counts too 😘



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