Body Confidence 101 - Bringing the Joy

mindset motivation self love Mar 25, 2020

Time to put your money where your mouth is and BRING the JOY 💓instead of the hate.

Your body hears what you think... So, are you speaking LOVE to yourself and others or are you bringing hate, judgement, comparison?

Do you remember when you a little girl in kindergarten and were just happy, carefree, didn’t fixate on how you looked or stacked up to others... and didn’t compare yourself to anyone else?

That’s the GOAL here!

Self consciousness and comparison is the thief of joy, and you MUST make it your job to get to a space of radical self love and acceptance.

So how?

Well if you’re waking up tired, out of shape, overweight with body aches... YOUR morning rituals are very different than mine.

If you are waking up stressed, anxious and losing our sh*t 💩 on your kids every morning, YOUR morning rituals are very different than mine.

If you are waking up scrolling, judging, rolling your eyes balls and comparing yourself to others to only feel NOT GOOD, your rituals are very different than mine.

If you are waking up unfulfilled, and just going through the motions in life... YOUR rituals are very different than mine.

If you are truly centred, in alignment with your best self, strong minded, and balanced in your life it’s very easy to bring the JOY every day.

But most are tying their value and WORTH to their bank accounts, job titles, body, business growth and exterior metrics that could be taken away from you in a heartbeat.

The jackpot??? 💵 💰

It’s NOT what we get that makes us happy. It’s WHO we become that makes us happy, and what we are able to GIVE the world.

If you wanna change your life, it comes down to your rituals and different level of standard for YOUR life.

Today honour yourself and celebrate your body AS IS today. Today, I challenge you to live the rest of your day in joy and love, and I also challenge you to take a good hard look in the mirror and be honest about your rituals and choices. Today I challenge you NOT to think anything you don’t want to come true.

Your life. Your responsibility. Your health. Your brain. Your mouth. Your happiness. Your future.

Choose wisely friends. Your happiness depends on it, and when you change the inside first that positive energy and joy will spread to your family too.

You got this. I believe in you. Now get going. Super easy to do. Super easy not to do too.


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