Blessings in the Broken

Uncategorized Nov 27, 2020
I will never forget the first Christmas alone.
Shared custody.
The arguments over texts.
Waking up with a little baby and no one to talk to.
The homemade handprint ornaments.
The sugar cookies I made for Santa.
The feeling of being alone even in a room full of people.
.... I hated every bit of it, and sadly hated the world around me too.
Not the most magical time of year for a lot of people, but there’s blessing in the broken 💔
I discovered who and what I was really made of, and what I am about, but the hate.... the broken bits consumed me for years because my own life was in shambles.
Jealousy, envy, greed weighing you down?
It’s hard to be authentically happy for others if you’re not happy on the inside and life is slamming you.
I guarantee whomever you’re wasting your time comparing yourself to is just like you... or was ONCE like you.
💫All cut from the same cloth friend, yet all so very uniquely beautiful in their own way
Those negative energies you carry will not only block your own divine flow of creation and momentum in your life, but it will poison your inner world and cause you to poison the rest of the world around you too.
Don’t think for a second that because she’s happy and successful that you can’t be happy and successful either. The very fact that you are at war with yourself and choosing to position your own space is the very reason you will never live a healthy, positive life.
So what do you do if you still find yourself playing the comparison game?
You notice. You seek answers. You shed light on your own insecurities, and allow that person to be a teacher for you.
Some of the best teachers will be those who you “hate”, compare yourself to, are envious of, or that you secretly creep behind the scenes.
In all of my years of coaching extraordinary women to the next level, I have not met someone doing better than me who has sat there and criticized me or that doesn’t offer a hand to pull me up.
You will never ever be criticized by anyone doing better than you. You generally are only ever criticized by those not living up to their maximum potential in life who sit there hate, compare, judge, waste time, gossip and get sicker by minute.
If you see someone who appears to be doing better than you, ask yourself WHY are you threatened by them and what darkness and smallness are you holding on to?
Often times EGO has hold and you want their external world. You want their home, their body, their fashion style, their furniture, their family life, but that’s only the stuff you can SEE.
But what about the stuff you can’t?
💫What about their heart?
💫What about their peace of mind and calmness?
💫Their service and dedication to the world?
💫Their level of love, joy and kindness for others?
Just because someone appears to have it all on the outside doesn’t actually mean they are happy, full of self-love, confidence, self-worth, respect and truly are living their life on purpose.
I have met many busy “successful” people who wouldn’t stop and give a homeless single pregnant woman on the street the time of day, so don’t think for a minute they have a heart just because they have money in the bank or look good.
So today, ask yourself would all that stuff make you happy and do you still have work left to do on the inside??
Stuff won’t heal a broken heart. A new relationship won’t make you stop attacking your body. More friends and better finances won’t make you more confident.
The very reason that you could be sitting there judging, getting jealous, comparing yourself to others and are on the hunt for more more more is the very reason you still have an EMPTY void of lack and unworthiness to fill on the inside.
Trust me.
There is only one you.
One purpose and calling for you to fulfill.
One life.
One shot.
Don’t’ waste it thinking you’re not good enough, rather, get up and do the work required for you to heal yourself, reclaim your life and energy back and find out what you’re TRULY made of.
Trust me friend. You lack nothing, and everything, and I mean everything is all unfolding perfectly for your highest good. Even the really messy parts.
I like to believe, the bigger the mess. The bigger the calling on your heart to level up and turn than pain, into purpose so you can bring joy to the world.

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