Big Dreams Take Work

Sep 05, 2020
I wish I could tell you that it was easy, and you could just get everything you wanted instantly but life doesn’t work that way.
In order for you to get the kind of abundance and life that you want, you must be WORTHY enough to receive it. You must know at your core that you deserve it and that you are enough, and that kind of inner work is going to require years upon years of reconditioning.
It just doesn’t magically happen, and one day you don’t just wake up and love yourself and everyone else around you.
One day you don’t just wake up and find inner peace, contentment, and wholeness in your life, and you’re going to have to work at that daily.
Chances are you’ve been an ungrateful bitch. You’ve been waking up complaining and you’ve been unappreciative for all that you’ve been given, and somehow nothing is ever good enough.
Can’t you just be happy?
Can’t you just appreciate what you’ve got right now instead of always thinking it needs to be different?
Today, I challenge you to not complain about anything.
Today I challenge you to find the bliss, the happiness, the joy, the abundance in the little things instead of always looking outside and complaining about the things you can’t see yet.
Like I said, your outer world will match as soon as you are worthy enough to receive it.
If you’re not waking up happy, not feeling strong, supported, or fulfilled on this day, I’m here to tell you that you need to stop focusing on what more you can GET, but rather what you can give instead.
💫Have you tried loving yourself?
💫Have you tried being grateful?
💫Have you tried not complaining for once in your entire life?
💫Have you tried giving to others and forgetting about yourself?
💫 Have you tried settling into the space that there is in fact nothing wrong with you, except you just think there is?!?
💫 Have you tried listening to your heart and living your life on purpose?
If you’ve “tried everything” and it’s still “not working”, try that...and just started being that loving source in which you came from.
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