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faith mindset motivation Dec 20, 2019


Is it bad that I don’t want school to be over? 

5 years ago my mornings were awful. I was rushing and barreling into work 2 minutes before I started or just right on time.... sometimes speeding and putting my life in danger to get there.

I’d have major panic and anxiety if I was running late. I couldn’t stand the thought of doing this for the next 30 years.

As soon as that collective agreement came out, I’d count how many days “I’d get off”....And always thought to myself.. is the all there is? Is this really it? 

Go to school. Get a job. Pay bills. Have kids.  Struggle. Rush.  Wait for vacation.  Dread going back....

Those whispers within of a life and career choice that wasn’t serving me, were true.

I hated rushing. I hated being that mom rolling in with panic trying to be on time. I hated yelling at my kids to hurry. I hated working to just pay bills.  

I didn't necessarily hate the work I was doing, and LOVED my co-workers, but I hated the lifestyle. It wasn't serving me, and it was taking a toll on my overall health and happiness.  

A lot can change in 5 years if you keep moving forward to a better future. 

Sometimes that HATE can actually be the fuel you need to stoke the fire ðŸ”¥ within.


So today when I see my little girl and she’s got mommy and daddy BOTH dropping her off. My heart is filled with so much gratitude. So much fire in my belly to help others change their life too.

I want that kind of health and happiness for you too in 2020!

Money is great and all. But TIME, health, fulfillment is the best benefit package of all.

If this sounds like your life, Know I was just like you too once.

Here’s my best advice. You must listen through the fear. Listen to those whispers. Trust it. Try something new. Take a leap of faiths

👉If you don’t like your body. Change it.

👉If you don’t like your job. Change it.

👉If you don’t like rushing and can’t stand that thought of doing it forever. Change it.

👉 If you don’t like your capped salary and limited vacation time... Raise your standards and get to work building your dreams and ask for help. 

Don’t fear failure.  Fear an un-lived life full of rush, stress, anxiety and struggle. 


Risk it ALL for a better life if the one you have isn’t serving you and your family, and hear me when I say this:  Find someone who has achieved EXACTLY what you want, social media is beautiful for that. Trust me, they are out there and will gladly help.  

Ask for help. Pay for coaching. Buy their books. Buy their courses. Ask them questions. Get around them.  Travel to go hear them speak. They know the way and will gladly help you. 

Why? Because it's a calling. When you figure out how to change your life for the better, you can't help but help the next person who may be just like you figure it out too.  

Do DO NOT need to know everything, you just need to start with the FIRE in your belly and be HUNGRY for a better future. The rest will come. Trust me.. You're smart enough to figure it out.

They are your light, your guide, your inspiration to take you from darkness to something brighter.  A much BRIGHTER future, but only You can do the work.  Only you can make it happen for yourself.  

Believe it.  Work hard to achieve, and make whatever is calling you within happen for yourself... and your family. 



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