Believe in your INNER BADASS

mindset motivation self love spirital health Jun 15, 2019
It was 55K in hidden credit card 💳 debt, pay day loans... you could have blown me over with a feather.
I remember Refinancing the mortgage. Sweeping it under the rug. “Home Renovations”. 3 months later…. It happened again. Another 15K in debt and it was that day . I made a decision to put my own oxygen mask on, and save myself.
To do what was HARD. To leave. To make his problems. HIS problems, and I packed up 2 garbage bags of essentials and left.
Not taking half of everything like I could have easily fought for. I left. Everything I worked so hard for. Saved for. Planned for. Gone. I did everything “The right way”.
I had a 4 month old baby, and the life I planned out and tried to CONTROL didn’t work out too well.
When I moved out, I shared a room with my baby boy 💙. We slept in the same room, and there was no alone time, but we had love and he was my strength. We were surrounded by love, and I did the best I could. Eventually day by day we got back on our feet, and I bought us a small semi, paid all debts off, furnished it by myself. Started over.
👉👉 NOW you know WHY I’m so minimal, frugal, thrifty and basic. I don’t actually NEED more stuff.
Today I can look back with total LOVE 💗 , peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and gratitude for it all. 🙏Every tough moment. Every person I once despised or ever hurt me. I’ve made peace in my own heart with. I’m so free🙏💙
BUT NOT without some really dark days. Not without tears, sweat, doubt, uncertainty, anger, resentment, sadness, sleepless nights, counselling, medication, and above all else. TRUST and BELIEF that things happen for a reason, and that we’d make it.
I remember ONE morning I had managed to get up before my son. I had a hot shower. I had put on some makeup. I had got dressed. I had washed the floors. Time to THINK. I had TIME to myself to just get back to ME.
Because of that day, I knew the importance of my own spiritual, emotional and mental health and I’ve been getting up for YEARS since. Every morning inspiring to care and LOVE themselves. To help. To teach. To coach.
I was NEVER a morning person, but I FIGHT hard for my health.
My spiritual, emotional and mental health is the utmost importance to me. 👇👇👇
30 minutes of cardio is the easy part. Healthy food. EASY!
What’s hard? Learning to LOVE, trust, FORGIVE, LET GO, make peace and show up to your life with INTENTION and a INNER HUNGER to rise above whatever knocked you down!!
If you’re still reading this. THANK YOU. Maybe you need too.
I want you to know that YOU’VE GOT whatever it takes to change your life. To get out of a deep dark whole. To RISE ABOVE. To take your power back. To do the HARD THINGS so your life can become easy.
💙You are in NO hurry. Trust it. Surrender to it. Be OKAY with it.
💙Those that are CERTAIN of the outcome can afford to wait it out!! KNOWING VICTORY will happen is key.
💙Your attempts to RUSH It with DESTROY the entire process. Patience my beautiful friend.
💙Breathe in. You’re going to be just fine. Life is happening FOR you. Trust it and LISTEN to your inner whispers.
💙STOP playing the VICTIM, you’re not a victim. You’re strong! You’re resilient.
💙Focus on what’s thriving. Be grateful every day!
💙Take the DAILY actions steps needed. Start small. Know that it just might be a baby step. Know you’ll have setbacks. Know it’s going to be hard… but you keep going! One day at a time, and EVERYTHING is going to be alright.
💙Let me REMIND You there are MORE IMPORTANT things to LIFE.. then STUFF... then THINGS... Then MONEY. You have ENOUGH!!! Let's talk about your HEALTH. Your life! Your HAPPINESS. Your FREEDOM!
💙DO THE HARD work, so your life can one day become easy. So you Can be HAPPY. Healthy... and FREE 🙏
This I know is true!
Have the most beautiful day friends xo

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