Be Still and Know

Jan 27, 2021

Be still and know that what lies ahead for you is far greater than were you are right now or where you’ve been.


Wake up and realize what an honour it is to be here on this day and the sacrifices those around you have made.


When you are stuck - you only see lack.  You only see what others didn’t do, and what you don’t have.  You only see what’s not working and what’s going wrong.  You only look to others and point out everything that’s wrong instead of looking in the mirror to see your own reflection to how you’ve been thinking, behaving, acting and showing up.  Your thoughts, behaviours, actions, and work ethic are all yours to control.  No one else is responsible. 


Often times it will take the gifts we took for granted to be taken away from us before we can come to the place in our life that all we are left with is all we will ever need.


After you’ve spent years working on yourself yanking out all the weeds, removing all of your small stories, excuses you come to the point in your life where you need nothing outside of yourself.


You are more than enough.  You have more than enough.  Once you have done the work on yourself and removed every ounce of your old self that never served you or those around you, all you are left with is this:



Reverence for Life.









Connection to something far greater than materialistic possessions that most people spend their entire lives working for to never have enough.  You are much better than that. 


You deserve better than that and no amount of eternal accumulation will ever provide you with the happiness, health and wholeness that comes from shining light onto every dark spot in your life.


In the end you’re left with vision, focus, effort, drive, certainty, passion, and conviction in your heart knowing that everything including the really messy parts were used to grow you into the person you were truly capable of becoming.


A person so full of life, love, joy, magic, energy, excitement, creativity on this day.


You cannot know what it feels like to be whole until. you’ve been broken, and your scars and wounds will and can be used to deliver something so beautiful to the world, and when you figure it out you won’t trade your life, or your past for anything.


Most search outside of themselves for a breakthrough, but you are the breakthrough.


You are starved for love, and you think you must do more, achieve more, get more.  You think you gotta start eating better, lift heavier, double up on workouts, as if it’s to say that where you are right now in this present moment isn’t “good enough”.


It’s a beautiful recipe for your infrastructure to crack.  The stress, that pressure, that constant need to hustle for your worth is the very thing that’s keeping you stuck and unhappy.

Are you tired yet?


You’re going to have to dig deeper to shatter all of those limiting beliefs, and glass ceilings that are keeping you trapped in a life of struggle at war with yourself and make that decision that enough is enough. 

The same energy you use to complain about your life, your body, your finances, your situation, is the exact same energy needed to propel you to the next level.


May you wake up today knowing you’ve already got it all and that anything extra that comes into your life is simply a manifestation of the of the abundance and overflow you feel from within.


You will never get more until you do the work on yourself to know you’re actually worth it.


If you don’t get your mindset and your heart set right, you will simply be going around in circles getting no further ahead in life and you’ll never get the health, happiness and abundance that you and your family truly deserves.


Today I want you focus on getting that extraordinary life, and how much that would truly mean to you.  Examine your emotional state right now for if you live in an environment that is sad, depressed, upset, judging yourself, angry, worried, stressed that will become your quality of life. 

Next, I want you to decide that it is you’re going to do to get a different outcome and result in your life.  Draw the line in the sand right now, today that says no more.  You are no longer willing to tolerate being at war with yourself and that you deserve to wake up and live a happy, healthy beautiful life.  One that feels good to you from the inside out. 


You are worthy.  You are beautiful.  You are more than enough on this day, so do yourself and your family the best gift of all.  Start to embody the love and true essence of who you are.  You’re not a body.  You’re not a title, or how much money you make.  You’re none of those things.  You are a that beautiful soul that resides in that body of your, and that soul deserves to be set free.


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