Be Awesome. Be Joyful. You Deserve That!

getting healthy healthy lifestyle journey to plant based living weightloss Nov 08, 2018

What if you buy a mug.. wear a shirt… and you just DON’T wake up Awesome. And you can’t bring the joy?

I spoke to 3 women yesterday. All left my heart a little heavy. I felt for them. I wanted to help them so badly, but they just weren’t ready. No point in trying to convince anyone that they matter. When they are ready. They will know.

😢One said that her 13 year old daughter took her diet pills. When I asked her WHY she was taking pills her response was “Because I’m FAT”. 😢 SO much wrong with this, but it’s the kinds of messages I receive regularly.

😢The other had been on high blood pressure pills. She told me stress was always part of her life. But then proceeded to tell me she didn’t want to come off those pills. Why? I have no clue why anyone would want to choose to take pills or have stress be part of their daily life. This made me sad.

😢The other. Wanted to lose 10 pounds before the holidays? Why THAT date? Why just for the holidays?

Listen friends… I could sprinkle motivation everywhere. I could give you ALL the tools to teach you how to eat healthy, how to start SMALL, and motivate and coach you every damn day, but YOU’VE gotta want this.

👊You’ve gotta WANT to WAKE UP awesome, and JOYFUL, and YOU have to FIGHT FOR IT. Day in, Day out. Why? Because you freaking deserve it!

Let me remind you of something I learned years ago. No one is magically going to come and save you. You’ve gotta be your own damn hero!

You don’t get a do-over. Yes. LIFE is HARD, but if you’re calling yourself mean names, having CONSTANT STRESS, popping pills, and only wanting to take care of yourself because Santa is coming, then are you REALLY LIVING LIFE? Are you really happy?

Or are you existing?

Just something to really consider. Existence or Living. Awesome or Blah. Joyful or Depressed? Healthy or unhealthy?

Only YOU get to choose. Only you get to decide. Will you continue to be a victim of circumstance or victorious in your own damn life???

Not every day is going to be awesome, or joyful, or happy, but C’mon friends. We ain’t in kindergarten anymore. We’re grown ass adults who are responsible for our own damn life and the direction of it.

Just keeping it real cause there’s really NOTHING more I hate than to hear grown women complaining about their life, then doing absolutely nothing to change it.

With much love, and respect.

Peace out ✌️


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