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business faith happiness mindset May 29, 2019

Took my office to the salon today. Wifi. Cellphone. I’m good to go.

It’s been a while since I’ve had to be up and out and somewhere for 9am. I seriously don’t miss the rush.

How do you know it’s time for a change? Let me tell you.

You’ll FEEL IT. 👉👉You can change your hair. You can buy a new car. You can get a bigger home. You can change jobs. You can get a new lover. A new pair of shoes… but if you keep putting the SAME unhappy SOUL in those materialist things, you’ll FEEL the dis-ease and you’ll be BROKE AF.

Truth is I had amazing jobs. Amazing colleagues. Amazing bosses. Amazing Roles. I loved my role as a Program Coordinator, I loved my role as an Event Planner and Office Coordinator. I loved my colleagues, but there was always this DIS-EASE.. Something was not well with my SOUL... and I felt lost. Alone. Unfulfilled. Always searching.

I’d change jobs. I’d look for better titles. I’d get a pay increase. My own EGO of self importance fulfilled “short term”.

The NEWNESS eventually wore off, and I’d still find something that I didn’t love … and that my beauties, is when you KNOW you need to go deeper within. You can love what you’re doing, but if it doesn’t sit well. It’s NOT WORKING.

I knew deep down I wanted to help people. I wanted freedom. I wanted income to do the things I wanted to do.. and didn’t want to wait until the good old pension kicked in to enjoy life. I’m ALIVE now.

When I made the decision to start my own biz... To not care about the opinions of others. To squash nay-sayers, and those who didn’t GET IT... ME, I was listening to my own soul. I’m totally cool if you don’t get me.

You don’t need MORE stuff. You need MORE SOUL. More LIFE. More fulfilment. More INNER PEACE… Then you’ll find your health.

I heard this quote today.

Gods Gift to us is our POTENTIAL. Our gift to God is DEVELOPING that potential.

If my story spoke to your SOUL, Girlfriend…

I hate to break it to you.. but you’re SETTLING and you know it and you probably don’t need some random chick telling you that. You’ll feel it.

You just might need a coach to push you over the edge to greatness or maybe look in the mirror and start listening to what that whisper is telling you.

You’ve got the answers. Trust me. You do, the hardest part is listening then getting to work and taking ACTION to develop that potential and greatness that resides within 😉



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