At war with yourself and your body...

anxiety and depression depression mental health mental health awareness spiritual awakening spiritual health Oct 27, 2021

This morning I wrote the dedication to my new book that is coming out in January.


It is called Taking Your Personal Power Back -  101 Days of Relentless Action Forward.


If you’ve ever experienced a loss in your life or have struggled with anxiety, depression, post traumatic stress, mental health problems and just can’t see your way out of the dark, you will know how terrifying, lonely, and scary that journey really is.


If you have never experienced such terror or fear but a family member has, you may not really know how that feels to the other person.


Let me tell you, it’s living hell.


It’s terrifying, horrifying, debilitating and it’s all you ever think about.


When your mind goes and you are at war with yourself and your body 24/7/365 I can honestly say there is absolutely nothing worse.




I wrote my second book Wake Up and Live while I was in hell, and finished writing it the night before my Mom died.


Every morning I would wake up early.


I would pray to God for help.  


I would give thanks.


I would meditate, journal, and move my body.


Every morning while the rest of my family was asleep, I would heal, work through things, and let go of the baggage I was carrying from within.


Stuff I held onto for years and years, even as far back as a little child.


Every day for over three years I would cry, I would write, I would release, I would cleanse my spirit, I would reflect, I would let go, and I’d get up and try again the very next day.


After years of daily, consistent meditation, the darkness lifted.


One day I woke up and my mind with clear and the fear was gone.


My thoughts were pure.

My heart was joyful.

My health was restored.

My power and strength returned, and unconditional love was the only thing I was left with.


But this took years and years of silence.


Years of darkness, fear, terror, and panic attacks.


Years of stress, poor health, and exhaustion.


Years of dedication and commitment to myself every day, every morning.  No days off.


I had to let go of many things in my life that were no longer serving me.


I had to let go of the past.

I had to let go of fear.

I had to let go of certain friends.

I had to let go of a business.

I had to let go of certain foods and excessive alcohol consumption.

I had to let go of prescription drugs.

I had to let go of control and perfectionism.

I had to let go of complaining, guilt, shame, anger, regret, insecurity, rejection, disappointment, jealousy, greed, scarcity, bitterness, and hurt.


I had to let go of the old me.


I had to let go of the fact that what brought me here to TODAY couldn’t have been any different, and it was the path I was meant to walk.


And in some messed up way, it was all perfect.


I know for a fact, you have power and greatness within you to heal yourself, and change your life.


I know for a fact that whatever you are going through right now in your own life is being used to grow you into a higher version of yourself, and will be used for good.


I know for a fact that there is purpose and big dreams locked up within that heart and soul of yours and your one and only job is to find out what that is.


I also know for a fact that the hardest work you will ever have to do in your entire life is to forgive yourself, and learn how to love, trust and believe in yourself once again, so you can move forward with your life!


Meditation saved my life and I know it has the capacity to save someone else’s too.


Is that you?


Will you join me?


I want to teach you HOW to get your power back so that you are waking up authentically happy, healthy, free, and living your life purpose.


Only 4 days are left to join me in my most popular life transformation challenge this year!


Normally you’d pay $697 for what I am going to teach you.


But in honour of my 40th birthday, if you sign up today, you pay $40.


So that means with the bonuses I have included you will receive over $1000 worth of life transformation tools and support for just $40!


But really, what I am going to teach you and what you will receive in return for your investment is absolutely priceless.



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I’ll see you on the other side friend!




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