Always Take the Leap

entrepeneurship mental health mindset spirituality Feb 05, 2020

If you can DREAM it. You can do it. We took a LEAP this week. I’ve been taking A LOT of scary leaps lately... and as scary as they are. I love it.

My book is currently in the works, as I’m working closely with the publisher... and we registered our business name which took me YEARS to come to a place in my heart that felt right.

The Personal Development and Wellness Empire I’ve been waking up EARLY to build for years. Online courses.... Online Life and Wellness Coaching.... and another book soon to be added to the library. That book I started writing over 3 years ago... in the wee hours of the morning.

But that’s the STUFF and years of dedication and consistency that you don’t see. The late nights. The early mornings. The sacrifices. The relentless action day in.. and day out. EVERY damn day to build my dreams.

More to come from me in 2020 including a new Podcast and some other top secret things 💗💗💗

MIND over Matter. It really is a beautiful journey when you show up simply with the intention to love yourself and believe in yourself as is... today.

To become aware and conscious of all of the delusional thoughts, rituals and actions and choices YOU unconsciously made... ultimately losing yourself following the herd... or listening to the opinions of others....or conforming to rules that you were never meant to follow.

Have you ever sat back and asked yourself a simple question... 👉👉like WHY am I continuing to do the things that I know are NO LONGER serving me??

Did you know that you can follow your own rules? That you can pave a new road? That you can do what makes your soul happy and not worry about what others think?

I’d suggest you try that today.

How would the BEST version of you show up? How would she speak to herself? How would she eat? How would she treat her family? How would she carry herself? How would she dress? And how would she feel within? Who would she spend her time with? What life experiences would she want? What kind of career would she be in? What kinds of DREAMS would she get up to build and what leaps would she be taking?

Mind over matter.

State of mind..... it’s the answer to EVERYTHING.

It’s called neuroscience and reconditioning of the central nervous system, and a simple practice of MIND over matter. Brain and HEART conditioning.

I’m willing to bet you’ve conditioned yourself to believe all the lies. That you’re still hanging onto your past ways that are no longer serving you. That you’re settling and filling your days with “busy” work... but not anything that sparks that flame of energy within.

I’m also willing to bet you have that wise voice within leading you to a higher level except you’re still choosing to settle, to play small, to quit, to fear, to justify and make excuses, to compare, to blame, to phone it on when it gets HARD.

And yes... if you want a magical 💗💫 life, one different than a life of mediocrity, and struggle to pay bills.....that’s going to require you to do some REALLY HARD for erasing work to go earn that life!

No freebies. No short cuts. No excuses. Years and years of relentless action and BELIEVING in yourself, even when no one else does.

How about you wake up and start reconditioning your mind to believe the TRUTH of who you already are. Promise the real you is still in there, and her dreams were not to just go to work, pay bills and die.

It just might take a while of consistent ACTION, showing up for yourself even when no one else is looking or cheering you on to win, doing some really hard scary things, facing fears, taking that LEAP, so you can actually FIND yourself again.

Give yourself permission to go ALL IN in yourself. We don’t get a do-over friends.

Find Your Joy Again!

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You might find yourself feeling less than, struggling with feelings of unworthiness and your confidence, and health can be in the gutter.  

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