a PERMANENT path to Health

mindset motivation self love Nov 14, 2019

Rise up 💗 Your body was never created to carry the burden of your attachment to it, but rather is simply a container for the beauty that resides within.

When you finally GET it, you won’t actually want to disrespect yourself anymore. You won’t want to overeat, binge, sit on the couch for hours, hit the snooze button, or attack yourself with words of hate.

In case you missed that meme... You’re not defined by your body, or the number on the scale... and the REAL TRUTH is any excess WEIGHT you carry is not about food. 👉It’s a relationship issue, and the ONE relationship you’ll need to mend is the one you have with yourself.

Sure you can lose weight, but if you keep gaining it back, chances are you’ve not dropped the weight you’re carrying around from within. You keep gaining it back for a reason, otherwise that quick fix you tried would have worked.

Take some time this morning.

Who have you yet to FORGIVE. What are you continuing to hang on to? What amends do you need to make?

You MUST address your isolation or need to eat and hang onto that weight if you’re seeking a PERMANENT path to health.
The willingness to make amends with those who have hurt, disappointed, or judged you,.... OR forgiving yourself for hurting others, for every regret you have or mistake you’ve made has more POWER than any diet or quick fix out there.

You want to live a lighter life? You want energy and that spark of LIFE back? Maybe address the emotional weight you’re continuing to carry around. Give the GIFT to yourself, and release the pain of any NEGATIVE feelings you’re still hanging on to.

Your outer world IS a reflection of your INNER world. You are what you eat, but your ENERGY is all about what you think... how you move... and most important how you LOVE 💗... You can tell me “it doesn’t work”... or “I’ve tried everything”. 👉I’m NOT buying the BS story you’re trying to sell me.

It DOES work. You’re just doing the work, and that’s a hard pill 💊 to swallow.

Have you tried fixing what is broken within, coupled with proper healthy nutrition, portion control, movement and Showing up for yourself DAILY.. and not just on the days “you feel like it”? 🤔

It’s an inside game friends. Stay tuned as I’m working on something super cool that’s going to help you learn to be FREE from it all 💫💗

There is more to life than your own silly drama you continue to tolerate that is keeping you weighed down and unhealthy. LET THAT SHIT GO. It’s hard work. But SO worth the effort.

Have the most beautiful day.

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