A Health Secret You Might not Know.

mindset motivation Dec 10, 2019

Let me tell you a health secret you might not know.

Someone can take the hand YOU have been dealt and WIN with it.

After my workout today, I cried.

Dear Santa 🎅 I want it ALL, and you know what. I’m totally OKAY saying that.

I ain’t here to lose at life. I ain’t here to be mediocre, or just “fine”... or”good, and I’m willing to get up and work towards that better future. I ain’t here to play small, follow the heard or blend in. I don’t serve anyone playing small.

I’m here to win, and as tears streamed down my face, I stood in my own power, and strength knowing that I can have anything I want for my life, I just gotta keep showing up and doing the work.

You can HAVE IT, but first you gotta BELIEVE you can. You don’t get what you want, you get what you believe is possible for yourself. Hint. I ain’t after a better body here...

I often would play the victim. I’d say things like if there really was a GOD, why was I obese. Why was I always the fat friend. Why did I have a food addiction. Why were there miscarriages. Why would someone break into my home and steal everything. Why would my spouse turn to drugs and later die from cancer. WHY was I fired. Why did I have to suffer from PTSD, depression and anxiety. Why was I the one always struggling.

I NOW know the secret to change and transformation as I’ve been mastering mine for 38 years now.

You might not have always been in control of the cards you been dealt in life, but it sure is up to YOU to play the hell out of those cards you’ve been handed.

YOUR LIFE will get better, when YOU get better. That’s the secret.

👉Don’t wish it were easier. Wish YOU were better.

👉Don’t wish for less problems. Wish for more skills.

👉Don’t wish for more time. Wish for more personal focus.

👉Don’t wish for better body. Wish for more love and respect for yourself.

👉Don’t wish for a better life. Get your ass up and make your life better.

So I ask you friends. How is your game of life going to play out? Will you choose to continue to play the victim card and keep losing at life, or will you play the victorious card and work hard to win at life?

You’ve got time, and you’re not really tired. You’re not a failure. You’re just wasting time and energy on 💩 that is no longer serving you.

You want to change your life? You want more health, more time, more abundance, more inner peace, more energy, more love?

Look in the damn mirror. You’ll find the ONE and only person responsible for changing it.

Have the best day. I know I will.


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