2 Butterflies - Faith & Belief

entrepenuership faith miscarriage Nov 28, 2018

The day I found out I was pregnant with Elliott, I remember sitting in our van, and 2 little white 🦋 🦋landed on the windshield. I trusted and had faith that this little babe was going to be okay.

I had always suffered from reoccurring miscarriages. When I eventually got pregnant again, I was scared to workout.
With Elliott though, there was something about just trusting and believing that the universe was on our side and that I could be at peace. That we were safe, supported, and all would be well. 
I didn’t miss a single workout in 40 weeks. To date the best pregnancy ever. I ate SO well. I enjoyed cookies. I drank my superfoods. I moved, and I never felt better.

During my mat leave.. instead of watching tv shows, and laying around. I would work in pockets of time, building my business. When she was born, Dennis came home, and never returned back. THAT was a huge goal of mine. Family first 💕

I used to wake up and feel a sense of dread every Monday. A sense of dread on Sunday’s too. I resented Dennis’ shifts where I had to do it all alone.

When you live complacent and mediocre, you can FEEL that in your soul.

It was affecting my marriage, quality of life, and honestly I was just negative, always wishing for more.

I felt like there had to be more, and just like those 2 little butterflies 🦋🦋that gave me a sign, I trusted and believed 💫that my business would be successful, and that I was on the right path. I trusted that I lost my job at the perfect moment and that coaching landed in my lap for a reason.

It's been almost 4 years of coaching for me. Not a day goes by where I don’t feel gratitude.

Something totally scary and out of my comfort zone. Something I got made fun of for and that ultimately made me be the HEALTHIEST mom, wife, and woman I’ve ever been. I almost never tried!! I almost stopped myself for fear of the unknown.

You see though....I’ve got this little nugget looking up to me now, and I want to show her that SHE TOO can dream big 💫and go after her dreams too. Cause if her mama can. She can.

I'm hosting sneak peek 💫into what I do as a coach, you’ll hear my story, you’ll hear about our team, training, and I’ll answer any questions you have about what I get to do from home with my babies because I can't help but share!

EVERY ONE deserves to live a life they want to jump out of bed for!

Shoot me a message and we can chat.

Must reside in Canada, US or the UK, as currently those are the only 3 countries we currently serve, but will be expanding to more Counties eventually!




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