Peace of Mind

anxiety and depression mental health awareness overcoming anxiety postpartum depression ptsd yoga and meditation Nov 09, 2018

Peace of Mind. What would that be of WORTH to you? 💜

Did you know that pills have no skills? That even IF you pop a pill, you still gotta do work to get better?

A moment of intense vulnerability here. But it’s going out there, as I know someone out there NEEDS this. Feel free to share if you know someone struggling too 💜🙏

The transformation I am most proud of in the past 6 weeks.. in my life?? Not abs. Not 80 pounds.

Let me tell you. Coming OFF of these anxiety pills hasn’t been fun. 😢Brain zaps. Exhaustion. Irritability. Insomnia. Bloating. Indigestion. Moodiness. Confusion. Brain Fog. Fear.

This wasn’t the first time I was prescribed medication.

The first time was when my marriage ended, and I was battling LIFE, and Postpartum depression, situational circumstances made coping VERY heard.

The second time was I lost someone I loved dearly, and I took my second stress leave from work. I was so embarrassed, and ashamed. I felt judged, and honestly hated going back to work.

The third time, was this past April. I was holding my baby girl in my arms, and I thought she was going to die. Something in my head shifted that day, and thus began another bout of brain trauma. Another bout of anxiety, fear, worry, intrusive thoughts and I went to seek help.... Immediately.

All 3 situations, I went for help. I spoke to a doctor. A therapist. My husband. A friend. My Family. A stranger on social media. Stress. Postpartum Depression. Post-Traumatic Stress. I knew deep within this WAS NOT me, and while I’m the last person to pop a pill, I also knew that sometimes they ARE NEEDED. Like a little flashlight 🔦 in a dark hole, leading the way. But here’s what I DO KNOW. Pills have zero skills.

Popping a pill won’t actually undo the subconscious trauma you are left with, or the life events that might have happened to keep you unwell, fearful, depressed, unhealthy, stuck.

A baby is not born with depression, or anxiety, but somewhere along LIFE, things happen. 😢

Situations happen. LIFE happens, we lose people we love, we have stress, people hurt us, and we end up in a deep dark place. But what happens next??

We FIGHT. We struggle. We suffer. We DO THE WORK to get ourselves healthy and happy again. We don’t stay where we are, because there’s a little piece of us that knows we DESERVE better. We deserve more than a life STUCK in the past, or the FEARS of the future. We DO the work. We must.

1️⃣ Under NO circumstances, am I making LIGHT of MENTAL HEALTH. I get it. I’ve been there, and this is a huge EPIDEMIC HERE. This is MY OPINION of MY LIFE SITUATION, and you should MOST DEFINITLY seek help of a professional when going ON or OFF medications. You alone are responsible and accountable for your own decisions, actions, and results in life. I BELIEVE that in my heart of hearts. This is my own story. I’m simply sharing a piece of me, with the intention to provide some light 💫and love 💕

2️⃣ Under NO circumstances should you continue to SUFFER in SILENCE. Seek Help if you’re struggling. Stop faking “fine”. Call a friend. Talk to your Doctor. Reach out to a stranger on social media (Trust me.. There are angels 🙏💫out there who GET IT...)Go to a Therapist. This is your life, and suffering in silence is a choice. Please seek help. Please STOP PRETENDING you are “fine”.. or “good”.. or “happy”, when you know you’re not. Please take off your MASK. It’s the only way you’re going to get healthy again.

3️⃣ Did you know EXERCISE is the most underutilized antidepressant out there and FOOD is the most ABUSED drug?? 👉Do you think that MAYBE this is WHY there’s an obesity and mental health epidemic here? I think so. Eat healthy.. and I MEAN THIS. Your second brain is in your GUT… Stop abusing your body with crap food. Stop trying to diet. Seek help about proper NUTRITION. Start MOVING. Endorphins are magical shit! Trust me.. I LOVE pizza.. and warm cookies.. and I hate to sweat, but I DO IT ANYWAYS…. Even on the days I don’t want to. You have the power to heal.

4️⃣ There is NO shame. Change and getting stronger, takes time. Have patience. The ONLY way to better health, is doing the work and allowing yourself some space. Mental work requires you to let go, make peace, find a new meaning, change your thinking, change your mindset, forgive.

5️⃣ What worked for me? Shit… Life is hard, but it’s also a GIFT 🎁Through the struggles, every I showed up to sweat, or do yoga🧘‍♀️ Yes I have anxiety, but I’ll be damned if I let it control my life. I surrounded myself with GOOD people. I was mindful of my thoughts. I read books. I stopped consuming CRAP TV and the news. Every day I meditate. I got very still and trusted. I believe through struggle comes strength. Another notch on my belt. I was going to use this LIFE LESSON for growth.

6️⃣ Every day I listened to music and danced. I geek out. HUGE. Every day I set my alarm for 4:44am, and I get up. Every day I pray and meditate. Every day I express gratitude. Every day I journal and write. Every day I focused on the GOOD. Every day I went to work to send. EVERY day I I try to be better and stronger than I was yesterday.

7️⃣ You’ll have good days. You’ll have bad days. You’ll have scary days. You’ll have REALLY bad days, but you STILL HAVE DAYS. Do not forget what a BLESSING it is to strictly be ALIVE. TO be here. To have the ability to LIVE, LOVE, MOVE and BREATHE. You’re HERE, and that is a GIFT. Someone up in Heaven would gladly swap you spots. You’re here. Alive.

8️⃣ You LOVE the shit out of yourself despite being on the struggle bus. You love, because that really is the antidote for everything.

9️⃣ Be kind to EVERYONE you meet. For you know NOTHING about their life, or what they are battling. JUDGE no one okay? We are all one. All a little broken.

🔟. LIFE, isn’t it beautiful?? We aren’t getting out of here ALIVE without hurt, or heartache, struggles, or challenges, but I truly believe that you were NEVER given more than you can handle.

Stay strong 💪🏼 beauties. You are strong. You are healthy. Believe that. KNOW that. Have FAITH in something bigger than yourself and your current life event. Know that after a STORM there always appears a rainbow!




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